Chapter 10: You Mean... That Now... You Like Me?

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Su Jian woke up the next morning and washed up before he went to the living room to wait obediently.

After a while, An Yize naturally brought breakfast back after his morning run.

Su Jian, who was bored stiff, turned on the TV after he finished eating.  Flicking through several channels, he didn’t see anything that caught his interest until he got to the sports channel. It just so happened that a soccer match was being broadcasted.

As Su Jian was bored, he watched with much interest, even if it wasn’t live. After seeing his favorite player score a goal, Su Jian couldn’t help but to excitedly slap the couch. “Beautiful! Balotelli did well!”

An Yize was about to go to the study, but hearing Su Jian’s voice, he couldn’t help himself from coming over to stare at the TV, “You like to watch soccer?”

“Of course I like it—” Su Jian had just finished speaking when he suddenly paused for a moment. fúck! He almost forgot that he was currently a girl! An allegedly formerly sweet-tempered and ladylike girl who was barely twenty-one years old! What did his almost-girlfriend say before? — How could a girl like such a savage sport like soccer? Even though Su Jian didn’t agree with her statement, the probability of a cute and pretty girl such as female Su liking soccer wasn’t very high! Oh, great! Now how was he going to smooth things over so that An Yize wouldn’t be suspicious?

At this critical point, Su Jian had a mental lapse: “I meant that I like those hot soccer players!”

“Oh?” An Yize asked, “Then, who do you like the most?”

Su Jian didn’t even hesitate and answered, “Definitely Balotelli!”

An Yize was silent for a moment, then said, “So this is what your ideal man looks like?”

Su Jian realized that he just said that he liked soccer because he liked looking at hot guys. He glanced at his idol who had a face similar to an orangutan on the TV screen and was speechless for some time.

Contrary to his expectations, he heard An Yize say, “Balotelli performed well at The World Cup.”

Su Jian’s eyes lit up, “You like him too?”

An Yize smiled faintly, “I like his soccer skills better.”

Su Jian thought: So An Yize isn’t simply just a serious poker-faced guy. Basically, this guy is a supreme king of sarcasm.

However, when Su Jian thought about how An Yize admired his idol as well, Su Jian felt An Yize was a little more easier on the eyes.

Thus, Su Jian generously thumped his chest, “I’m making lunch!”

An Yize hesitated, “But your leg…”

Su Jian: “No problem. Isn’t there a stool?”

An Yize wanted to say something but stopped himself.

Su Jian boldly announced, “It’s set!”


At lunchtime, Su Jian cheerfully ran to the study and called An Yize.

Like last time, An Yize was reading a foreign book.

Su Jian moved closer, “Reading another French book?”

An Yize shut the book, “It’s Spanish.”

Su Jian was shamed into anger, “…How many languages do you speak?”

An Yize: “Chinese, English, French, Spanish, and a few phrases in Japanese.”

Su Jian: “……”

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