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"So who are you exactly?" Sunset asked rudely twirling a strand of hair in her fingers looking at Elani up and down.

"That's none of your business." Elani replied with confidence.

"Rosè! Go MAKE ME COFFEE!" Sunset ordered harshly making Rosè jump a little before walking to the kitchen.

"It's fine really I'm not thir-"

"It's not for you." Sunset cut off Elani's sentence short making it hard for her to contain her temper.

She took a deep breath in.
"I'm not here to chat friendly with you, I'm here to merely ask a favour from you."

"I'm listening." Sunset leaned in with full attention.

"Kim Taehyung; blood type AB; 16 years of age, you had interactions with him before yes?"

"I still do!! He's my boyfriend of course!"
Sunset proudly stated while Rosè walked in with the warm whipped coffee on a sliver tray.

"He's your BOYFRIEND?!" Elani's mouth dropped to the ground.

"U-Uh mistress he's not really your b-boyfriend anymore-"

"NO ONE ASKED you Rosè!"

"So he's not your boyfriend?" Elani signed before rubbing her temple in annoyance.

"Well fine I don't like him anymore but he's still probably in love with me, who wouldn't be?" Sunset smiled viciously.

Elani looked her up and down in a judging manner before shaking her head.

"He's always with Jung Serena have you noticed?"

"Jungle Junction Who?"

"JUNG SERENA his teammate!"

"Ohh yeah he seems to get along with her decently I guess." Sunset picked her nails.

"Sunset pushed S-Serena over in the basketball court and she was knocked unconscious! Kim Taehyung saved-"


"He saved her? Hm so he does care about her then." Elani went into deep thought.

"Well we don't EXACTLY KNOW THAT! Maybe he just felt sorry for her!"
Sunset argued not wanting to accept the truth.

"So since he felt sorry for her he chose to take her home and nurse her back to health?" Elani stated making Sunset at a loss for words.


"Sunset Shimmer."

"Yeah um Sunset, I'll make a deal with you but you'll have to help me."

"What kind of deal?"

"Let's just say it involves Kim Taehyung."

"Tell me more..."

//Taehyung's POV//

It's been almost an hour, and Jungkook and Serena still aren't back yet? What could they possibly be doing.

Why am I so concerned anyways?!

Who gives a shit.

"Taehyung bro focus on the game your aim is the worst I've ever seen." Damien nudged me in the stomach holding the controller in his hands.

Damien, Jimin and I were playing a AFK shooting simulator while Yoongi listened to music on his phone. He could've gladly played with us since there's four controllers but I don't think he's interested.

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