Chapter 9: In This Day And Age, A Man Who Can't Cook Is Not A Good Man!

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Waking up from an afternoon nap and feeling in a good mood, Su Jian looked at his cell phone. The time said it was already past four o’clock.

When Su Jian entered the living room, An Yize was standing at the balcony to the side, as if he’d only just finished making a call.

Su Jian sat on the couch, placed his injured leg on the coffee table, and then watched An Yize.

An Yize walked in, saw him, then walked towards the couch. “You just woke up?”

Su Jian stared blankly, “How did you know?”

An Yize pointed, “Hair.”

Su Jian lowered his head to look. Oh, right! His hair was messy. He could tell with one look that it was from him rolling around on a bed as he slept.

Su Jian laughed dryly and casually combed his finger through his hair.

An Yize stretched out a hand to help him smooth his hair.

He moved so naturally that it didn’t even bother Su Jian. Su Jian grumbled, “Long hair is too much trouble! I wish I could shave it! It would save me from combing, hair washing water, and all of the work!”

His gaze turned only to find An Yize trying to hold in a laugh.

An Yize could actually laugh! Su Jian was silently surprised. He glared, “What are you laughing at?”

An Yize said, “I thought all girls liked long hair.”

Su Jian thought: I also like girls with long hair, but I don’t like it with long hair growing on my own head!

Su Jian played with the end of a lock of his long hair, coughed to clear his throat, then said, “Hubby, I’m hungry.”

Su-girly’s voice was already nice–soft with a bit of unwitting elegance in it. But after Su Jian deliberately added an innocent, wounded tone to it, it naturally became a very powerful weapon. Su Jian didn’t know if it had affected An Yize, but he had even managed to move himself! Su Jian thought that if a girl talked like that to him, he’d have already gone limp and done whatever she asked of him!

As it turned out, An Yize was nothing more but a normal man. After hearing Su Jian’s words, his expression became even gentler.

“Recently, you seem to be hungry a lot more.”

Su Jian: “……” Mr. An. Don’t think that I can’t tell that you’re implying I’m a pig!

Su Jian unhappily said, “I’m still recuperating. Of course I’ve got to eat more!” He glared at An Yize, “And I don’t want takeout for dinner!”


“I also don’t want instant noodles!”

An Yize looked at him helplessly.

Su Jian said, “Even if we’re not really a couple, we’re still cohabiting. Now that I’m crippled, shouldn’t you make me something good to help me recuperate?”

After An Yize was silent for a moment: “…I’m not a good cook.”

Su Jian enthusiastically said, “That’s okay, I believe in you. Seeing that you can even become a President, how can you not be able to cook a meal?!” Humph, Mr. An, I’m not letting you get away so easily! Seeing my damned love rival act like a servile little wife as you cook for me or something would feel amazing!

When An Yize didn’t speak, Su Jian hurriedly handed him a cell phone, “if you don’t want to go to the grocery store, you can just call them. Whatever you need, they can deliver!”

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