Chapter 8: Since The Former Su Jian Did All The Cooking

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The next day was a Saturday.

Because of having gone to bed so earlier, Su Jian woke up earlier than had before. But when he came out he discovered that An Yize wasn’t at home anymore.

Could it be that this person went to the office to put in some overtime?

Su Jian was just wondering around on his own when he heard the door open, and then she saw An Yize come in dressed in his athletic clothing.

Su Jian scratched his hair, then uneasily greeted him, “You went for a run?”

An Yize made an “en” sound. He placed the bag in his hands onto the dining table, and then turned back and called out to Su Jian, “Breakfast.”

Hmm? Su Jian hopped over and opened the bag to look through it. It looked pretty sumptuous.

That An-surnamed guy was pretty considerate. Su Jian was quite pleased with this.

The two of them sat facing each other and started eating their breakfast. The clear sunlight shone in, carpeting the area in a gentle light.

Both of them ate, but they didn’t speak much. Su Jian felt he didn’t have much to say. As for An Yize, Su Jian felt that this guy must have been born with a poker face and was naturally a man of few words.

In the end, it just happened that poker-face-An was the first to open his mouth. “Does your leg still hurt?”

“Huh?” Su Jian stared blankly. “It stopped hurting a long time ago.”

An Yize said, “I’m talking about your right leg.”

“Right leg?” Su Jian was dazed, then realized that he was actually asking about the leg that had been injured in the fall last night. He lightly said, “Oh, that one’s even better. Isn’t it just a fall? It’s not a big deal.”

An Yize: “But right now you only have one leg in good condition; you can’t afford an injury.”

Su Jian, “……”

After finishing his breakfast in a single sweep, Su Jian contentedly rubbed his stomach. He looked up at An Yize; who still hadn’t finished. Su Jian lazily leaned back in the chair and looked at the person across from him. Say, An Yize has pretty refined table manners. What was the word? Right, elegant. This person displays elegance while eating. He looks so easy on the eyes–Yeah, right! Your mother! It’s only eating breakfast. An Yize, do you have to work so hard? You’re eating as orderly as if you were eating a steak in a western-style restaurant!

After Su Jian silently looked down on An Yize for a while, he said, “Ahem! Yi… um, that… Ze. I have a question for you.”

An Yize looked up at him, “Speak.”

Su Jian earnestly asked, “What are we eating for lunch?”

An Yize, “……”

Su Jian frowned, “Takeout again?”

An Yize: “You don’t like it?”

Su Jian: “How can take out be better than homemade?

“That’s true.  An Yize nodded. He looked at him and evenly said, “I don’t like eating takeout either. In the past, you did all the cooking.”

Su Jian: “……”


The end result was that Su Jian responded that he’d take care of lunch.

Since the former Su Jian had done all of the cooking, he couldn’t change too much to keep from being revealed.

Thus, after finishing breakfast, he gave the neighborhood grocer a call to order the relevant foodstuffs then asked that they deliver the goods.

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