Chapter 7: From Today, He Could Only Live On As A Woman

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After finishing the takeout dinner, Su Jian withdrew into his room. He turned on the computer and surfed around for a while. There was nothing interesting so Su Jian started looking for clothing to put on after taking a shower.

Su Jian’s wardrobe was just as organized as her computer, but when Su Jian was confronted with the pile of colorful women’s clothing, it just gave him a big headache. After hesitating over several sets of rabbit imprinted or Hello Kitty embroidered pajamas, Su Jian still felt he couldn’t handle that cutesy style. And immediately pulled on a white T-shirt to sleep in.

An Yize’s room had its own private bathroom so Su Jian could comfortably use the outside bathroom. This put him more at ease. Su Jian removed all of her clothing. Her body was reflected clearly in the big mirror above the bathroom counter.

This was Su Jian’s first time clearly seeing what she looked like now. He had to admit Su-girly had a great body. She had big breasts, but not overly large, and they were nicely shaped. She had a small waist, at most 19 inches around. She had long, straight legs. Her skin was also very white. From top to bottom she was just right– slim yet not emaciated. With that cute elegant face, she definitely counted as a high-quality girl!

Su Jian thought: Ah! This is the type of girl I’ve always dreamed about!

It was too bad the Heavens were too kind to him and granted his wish. Only, the wish-granted had went a little too far.

Su Jian couldn’t stop admiring himself as he twisted and turned. He alternated between feelings of pride and a sense of loss.

As he admired himself, Su Jian suddenly realized: Su-girly has a great face and body. What was he to do if An Yize started to like her after living together under one roof for a year? If that ever happened, would that An-surnamed guy forbid the divorce?

Su Jian started to worry after thinking of this. It wasn’t easy for the two of them to have been in a fake marriage. It wasn’t easy for him to have a release date. This kind of terrifying thing couldn’t be allowed to happen!

Therefore, Su Jian finished his challenging shower and getting dressed then went over to knock on An Yize’s door.

When the door opened, the first thing Su Jian saw was An Yize’s bare chest.

Su Jian: “……”

An Yize had clearly only just finished showering; he had nothing on except for the towel wrapped around his waist. He dried his dripping hair with a towel as he lowered his head to look at the person standing in front of him. She was draped in dripping wet long hair that was just slightly disheveled. She had nothing on but a white T-shirt, already partially wet from her hair. Her lithe and graceful figure was faintly discernible under the T-shirt. He didn’t have to look closely to clearly assess that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

A dim light glinted in An Yize’s eyes, and, yet, he frowned slightly, “What’s up?”

Naturally, Su Jian was unaware of this problematic image. His head was filled with naked envy right now! Your mom! Ah! I couldn’t tell when An Yize was clothed! Why is it that when he undresses, his body is so impressive? Those biceps! Those pecs! !Those eight-pack abs!!! It’s enough that he has that kind of face, yet he was given such a great body too! He is the only one getting everything good! God! How unjust!

Su Jian’s gaze followed the path of a droplet of water that slid from An Yize’s hair, all the way down his neck, his chest, and then his abdomen. His blood red gaze was full of envy, jealousy, and hate for his opponent’s great body.

Yet when An Yize saw all this, it gave off a different impression. He saw the little girl in front of him staring at his body with wide eyes. Her gaze meandered south, finally stopping at his abdomen. Yet her little face slowly reddened.

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