Chapter 6: We Actually Didn't Have Any Type of Relationship?

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When he woke up, they had already arrived at home.

Su Jian had been placed on the couch by An Yize. He curiously looked around the house. This house probably consisted of three bedrooms, a living room, and a dining room. It was decorated in a minimalist, yet obviously non-plain fashion, giving off a feeling of stylishness. The only thing that was strange was that this black and white color scheme didn’t really fit in with newlyweds. Looking around, it didn’t seem that this house was a married person’s home.

This guy was the President of CMI. How could he only own a single house? This probably was a temporary hideout. Su Jian enviously thought, but then dispelled his suspicions.

However, at the thought of being legally wed to An Yize and that he’d have to give him half in a divorce no matter how rich he really was, Su Jian’s spirits couldn’t help but lift.

“An… um, that… Yize. I’d like to take a look at our house!” Without waiting for An Yize to respond, he scurried about the house in his wheelchair.

An Yize didn’t stop him. He only sat on the couch quietly bringing his breathing back under control.

As expected, An Yize’s bedroom was just like the man himself—expressionless black, white, and gray. Su Jian clicked his tongue and shook his head. Just as he was about to leave the room, his gaze swept across the huge bed that could fit five or six of himself. He suddenly remembered that he was An Yize’s wife. That is to say, tonight and every night afterward, he’d have to sleep with An Yize on this huge bed?!

The Heavens. Thunder. On and on.[1]

To ask him to sleep in the same bed as his love rival might just as well be asking him to go and die!

However, the two of them were a legally registered married couple. Even if An Yize wanted to do something to him, Mr. Policeman wouldn’t be able to help him! What am I going to do!? What am I going to do!? What am I going to do!? …Right! My leg!

Su Jian lowered his head to look at his white, thickly bandaged leg and suddenly felt that it was incomparably adorable.

I’ll just say that because of my injured leg, we shouldn’t share a room. Problem solved!

Su Jian was about to turned and go bargain with An Yize when he heard An Yize’s voice coming from behind: “Come here. I have something I need to say to you.”

Su Jian nodded: “Coincidentally, I also had something to say to you.”

An Yize froze: “You first.”

Su Jian said, “I wanted to say that my leg is still injured so why don’t we sleep in separate rooms for now?”

A small amount of surprise flashed past An Yize’s eyes. Just when he was about to speak, he suddenly heard a grumbling sound.

Then he heard Su Jian say, “The second thing I wanted to say is that I’m hungry. So isn’t it time for you to cook, hubby?”

An Yize was clearly stunned.

Su Jian raised his leg. “Look, I’ve got a lame leg.” I mean, I’m already like this. Do you have the nerve to bully a disabled person?

An Yize didn’t say anything and stood up. Su Jian was contentedly waiting for his damned love rival to obediently enter the kitchen to cook for him, but he could never imagine that An Yize would stand up and pull out his phone.

“Is this Jiang Nan Restaurant?”

This guy is actually ordering takeout! This is out and out cheating! Su Jian was extremely displeased and glared angrily at An Yize’s back.

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