♡Loving You|Part Three♡

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Your eyes were wide with shock. Ayla looked at you, and then looked at Michael - a frown on her face. Michael began to make his way over to you as everyone stared. The masses of fans outside of the supermarket were screaming relentlessly. Ayla began to squeal as Michael approached.

"Oh my God! I'm a huge fan!" Ayla laughed as she walked up to Michael and hugged him. The entire time, he had his eyes on you. After Ayla pulled away, Michael looked at her. Instantly, you saw his eyes tear up slightly - but it wasn't too obvious.

"Thank you," he smiled a little at the young girl. "For being my fan," he directed his attention back to you. "And this is..." he studied your features, making you want to punch him.

"(Y/N)," you faked a smile. "Her mother,"

"I see," you nodded before Ayla fished out a small piece of paper from the pockets of her jeans. She also got out a pen, handing the items to Michael. "Could I have an autograph? Please?"

Michael chuckled a little. "Of course," he signed the paper before handing the pen and paper back to your daughter.

You rolled your eyes a little.

"Thank you so much!" Ayla grinned. "I love your music, and I'm so inspired by your dancing! I can even do the moonwalk now!"

Michael continued to study her intently before you cleared your throat and grabbed your daughter's hand - pulling her with you. You left the trolley behind.

As you approached the exit, Ayla groaned a little upon seeing the crowds that had gathered outside of the building. It was far too chaotic.

"Damn," you mumbled.

"How are we going to get home now?" Ayla bit her lip.

You stood there, contemplating. After a moment, you heard someone clear their throat behind you. You turned around and saw Michael. He had his hands shoved into the pockets of his pants.

"I could drive you," he offered. "Well...Bill would be driving so-"

"I know," you cut him off. "Bill drives,"

Michael raised an eyebrow as Ayla frowned.

"Wait..mom...how did you know that?"

You froze. Your heart began to race as you tried to think of an excuse.

"Uh..." you trailed off. "Well...it was on the news once,"

Ayla stared at you for a long moment before shrugging, much to your relief.

"So...can I take you both home?" Michael prodded.

You sighed and nodded. Despite the fact that you felt uncomfortable - you knew that being in a car with him would be better than walking out into thousands of people.


Once you had accepted Michael's offer, the three of you went out the back exit, quickly getting into the car. The people were wild, and the noise was too much.

The drive home was quiet, and for the entire trip - Michael couldn't seem to take his eyes off of you.

Eventually, the car came to a stop outside of your house - and Ayla was the first to get out of the vehicle. Just as you were getting out, you felt Michael touch your hand. Quickly, you pulled it away.

"Can we talk?" he whispered.

"No," you said firmly before getting out of the car. "And thanks for the ride home," you added, shutting the door.

You walked into the house, following Ayla. After shutting the door behind you, you made your way into the living room. Your daughter was already seated, fiddling with her fingers. She wore a troubled expression, and you noticed it.

"Honey," you spoke. "What's wrong?"

Ayla shook her head before looking at you.

"I don't know...I just feel strange," she bit her lip. "I felt like I'd known Michael for the longes time," she sighed. "It's so weird,"

Your blood ran cold. Ayla felt a strong connection with him because he was her father - and you didn't know how much longer you could hide it.

But for now, you hadn't planned to disclose anything.


The next day, Ayla decided to go shopping with her friends. You were at home, and since you had nothing to do - you decided to clean the house despite the fact that it had already been cleaned.

You had tried to push the memories of the night before, out of your mind - but you couldn't. Michael was so calm and collected - it made you slightly mad. How was he not affected?

Oh, that's right - he never loved you.

As you wiped the granite kitchen counter, you heard someone knocking at the front door. With a sigh, you left the cloth on the kitchen counter before walking over to the door. When you opened it, you were shocked when you saw Michael.

"Can we talk?"

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