Chapter 5: His 'Hubby's' Stamina Wasn't Bad!

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Because of being overly grief-stricken, Su Jian didn't talk to An Yize as they made their way back.

In contrast, An Yize seemed unperturbed this whole time. After they arrived at the hospital, An Yize again picked Su Jian up by the waist and carried him out of the car. He then rolled him to the sickroom, and even making sure to inquire on Su Jian's discharge time.

The doctor's judgement was that Su Jian's operation was successful and he was recovering well. In a few more days, Su Jian could be discharged and return home to rest.

Su Jian started to feel a little panicked.

To tell the truth, he didn't like the hospital, but compared to being alone with An Yize in their marriage home, he was more than willing to stay in the hospital. At least there were beautiful and gentle little nurses here! Couldn't he just stay here forever?

Su Jian thought hard of a way to stay in the hospital, but he really didn't have the courage to break his healing leg again. And so the indecisiveness continued until the discharge date arrived.

An Yize could be considered to be very considerate; he specially brought clothing and shoes for Su Jian. When Su Jian saw that neat stack of women's clothing, he wished he could fall over dead.

Your mom! Can he wear his hospital gown home? He didn't want to wear women's clothing!

But Su Jian knew that this was simply not possible. His current body was literally a female body. Moreover, a top level female body wearing women's clothing could only be considered the epitome of normalcy. There would only be one person who would feel something was wrong.

Thus, Su Jian could only start dressing with a heart filled with complex emotions. Before another problem made itself known. The lacy panties were something he could endure and put on, but how could he handle the fabled bra? In addition, he had only seen men remove a goddesses bras in adult videos, never put them back on! So, how was he supposed to put them on?

Su Jian held in a mouthful of blood as he examined it for a while. Then, he finally put on the bra. Next was a long one-piece dress. Su Jian expressionlessly put it on without error: Hmph! I, your father, have even put on a bra! How much more does a dress matter?!

After being covered in sweat from the trial of getting dressed, Su Jian finally allowed An Yize that was waiting outside to come in. Then, he despairingly said, "I'm done! Let's go!"

An Yize looked at him, "Your hair."

"Ah?" Su Jian followed his gaze and looked down. This was when he realized that his hair was a mess. He sighed sadly, then hastily brushed his hair with the hairbrush he picked up from the bedside table. He suddenly released an unexpected whimper.

When An Yize glance over at him, Su Jian was a little embarrassed. The original owner's head of long hair was very pretty-very black and long, and the hair quality was equally good. However, Su Jian had been a man for close to thirty years. He had never grown hair this long, so every time he brushed his hair it would become a very tangled. Plus, he really didn't know how to take care of it. The most he could do was to work hard at brushing it from the scalp down; it was completely unthinkable for him to do something such as style it.

Su Jian originally wanted to cut his hair short after being discharged, as short as possible, but he found out that women's short hairstyles were even harder to take care of after chatting with the nurses, which had dispelled that idea. After all, compared to the irritation of short hair that needed to have this or that applied, be blow-dried, or be permed, long hair only needed to be brushed smooth, was simple to the extreme. Plus, this hairstyle matched well with Su Jian's little face. The long hair draping over his shoulders really made Su Jian look like a gentle beauty.

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