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The only thing that Tessa Alvarez wanted was to have a smooth junior year of high school. Her goal was to maintain her straight A's, her job at the local record store, help at home and spend time with her friends specifically with Josh Sanderson who would be leaving for college next year. All this, on top of keeping the fact that she was in love with him a secret. After all, she didn't want to hurt her friend's, Lara Jean Covey's, feelings since she also was in love with Josh.

She could stay away from drama, right?

At least that's what she hoped.

But when Josh declares his love for Tessa, she finds herself entangled in a fake relationship with Adler High's golden boy and her childhood friend, Peter Kavinsky, in order to not break her friend's heart. Soon she begins to fall for Peter, despite the fact that she promised herself to keep love a fantasy in her head.

~ Author's Note~

I have fallen into the Peter Kavinsky craze. I promised myself I wouldn't write a story but I couldn't help it, I just love him! I will try my best to update as often as possible, since I will be starting school in a couple of weeks. The story will be a mix of both the book and the movie, plus some twists from me. Since Tessa is Latina, and due to the current political turmoil in the U.S. I will most likely be exploring some political and social themes, because they are important for her story. Also, English is not my first language, so I apologize for any grammar mistakes. Here I present to you Tessa's story, I hope you guys enjoy it!

-M ❤︎

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