Chapter 3: I'm Dead? I, Your Father, Haven't Even Married a Wife!

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An Yize didn’t stay for very long. In the end, he simply spoke two sentences before he left.

Su Jian laid on the bed, thinking over their conversation. After confirming that there were no slip-ups, he released a slight sigh of relief. However, for some inexplicable reason, he felt there was still something wrong.

After lying down for a while longer, Su Jian suddenly made an ‘ah’ sound. He realized what was wrong! Newlyweds! Didn’t they say that An Yize and this woman Su Jian had just gotten married a month ago? Isn’t that the time when you’re meant to be joined at the hip? Why was it that An Yize seemed so calm when his wife became injured and suffered from amnesia? Wasn’t he afraid that his wife would forget him and fall for another man after leaving the hospital?

Su Jian frowned and thought for a while, but immediately afterward, he smoothed out his brow and elatedly started humming. But no matter what, An Yize was certainly going to be struck with bad luck this time around. Since he, a male version of Su Jian, lived inside of this Su Jian’s body, the probability of falling for another man was absolutely nil. He, Su mou, had a normal sexual orientation so he would naturally only be attracted to cute girls. If his wife dumped him to go for another woman, An Yize would definitely explode in rage, right?

Thinking of An Yize future reaction, Su Jian suddenly felt that this shocking body-swap after rebirth event wasn’t completely without its advantages!


Upon waking on the next day, the first thing Su Jian did was touch to his chest.

He sorrowfully discovered that his pectorals were still as plump as before which made him lose all hope. He had prayed that this was all just a tragic nightmare, but the reality still made one want to commit suicide by ramming himself into a wall.

fúck! In the past every time I dream of winning 5 million yuan, I’d wake up to half a pillow of drool. Ah! Why did waking from this type of insufferable tragedy still lead to such a tragic suffering?![1]

Su Jian ruthlessly rammed his head into his pillow over and over.

It would be great if he really had amnesia. Then he wouldn’t need to confront this tragic battleground of waking up and turning into his love rival’s wife…

Su Jian was quietly feeling sorry for himself when his mind suddenly tensed. Oh no! He needed to pee!

The so-called waking up naturally was all because of waking up to a full bladder that he’d been holding for too long…

Thankfully Su Jian’s single sickroom was quite high-end. Not only was it well-decorated, it also came equipped with its own bathroom. Although his leg was hobbled, Su Jian was not willing to be watched while doing something so private. So he did not call for a nurse but carefully climbed off the bed and laboriously moved towards the bathroom.

By habit, he dug into his pants. The result was that he dug and dug but couldn’t pull anything out. This complete emptiness made Su Jian’s whole body stiffen. After coming to realize his current situation, Su Jian silently cried tears that were as wide as the ocean. Ah, those glorious years of peeing while standing. In this way, those days have gone now and will not return… never to return…

Su Jian awkwardly sat down on the toilet. It was the first time in his life that he had ever sat down to take care of a physiological problem which could originally be taken care of by standing upright. His feelings were similar to those of a young woman who had just lost her virginity. His stomach twisted around and around, almost tying itself into a braid.

And so, Su Jian’s entire morning was spent feeling an incomparable sense of loss.

Fortunately, a bunch of guests came in the afternoon.

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