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"He sounds like a special guy." Gemma spoke, "He seems super sweet to me." 

"I can't believe he came and talked to you." Harry said laughing, "It doesn't surprise me really but still."

Gemma walked back over and handed Harry a cup of tea before sitting down. She had healed faster than the doctors expected and was able to go home which made her incredibly happy. She only lived a few minutes away from her parents so while Taylor was at work she always had someone to call.

Harry sipped on the hot tea and sighed. He loved tea it always soothed him. He wanted to tell Gemma about the situation with Nick but figured she didn't need to know. She was dealing with her own things and he didn't want to make his pregnant sister worry or anxious. It wasn't good for her or the baby.

"So Gemma, any baby names picked out yet?" Harry asked wanting to change the conversation.

"We have discussed a few." She answered, "But we haven't settled on anything yet."

Harry sat there for a few hours just talking to his sister. It felt nice. They hadn't spent a lot of time together recently and after her accident Harry made a silent promise to spend more time with his family whenever he had the chance.

TopTommo: i'm trying to find this nick guy so i can kick his fucking ass.

StylishStyles: omg louis. you don't need to do that.

TopTommo: yes i do!! he touched your precious ass. my squishys' ass. i should chop his hands off and feed him his own fingers.

StylishStyles: you're very violent lol.

TopTommo: i fucking care about you harry and i refuse to let anyone ever get away with hurting you in any kind of way.

StylishStyles: you know you're amazing right?

TopTommo: hehe! thank you baby.

TopTommo: oh i forgot to tell you! guess what?

StylishStyles: whaaat?


StylishStyles: louis omg

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StylishStyles: louis omg.

TopTommo: hehe. i took that when i got home from work.

StylishStyles: you're very....

TopTommo: hot?

TopTommo: sexy?

StylishStyles: naughty lol.

TopTommo: ooh. call me naughty again baby.

StylishStyles: louis you're a naughty boy who deserves to be punished.

TopTommo: but I top.

StylishStyles: doesn't mean i couldn't make you feel good lol.

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