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"Did you hear?" Bo-mi asks as she hands me an apple juice box.

I take the box from her hands, shaking my head. "Hear what, exactly?" It was only six in the morning and she already had a hype on some new drama. But I figured it would occupy my mind enough for my thoughts of Jae to vanish.

"There is a new student coming today. I heard he is quite the rebel." She easily put in her straw, sipping the juice prettily while flipping back her long hair. "He just might be my type, ya know?"

Shrugging my shoulders, I also drank my juice. "We will have to see. Who knows? He might be a real nerd who got a C on his last test," I suggest, knowing that was more likely than a real 'bad boy'. People of this town hardly ever have bad boys hanging around. It's too small and full of prissy kids to mess with. It would just be a bother to them.

Jae-won walked into the classroom with a large grin. "Did everyone enjoy the school's holiday? I know I did!" Setting his coat onto the back of his chair, Jae came around to the front of his desk to sit on it. "Tell me what you guy's did."

A few students scrambled to sit in their own desks, all while raising their hands to answer. Some people replied with a fun vacation, others- like Bo-mi and I- responded with a boring home study. Though, we all know no one had went near our textbooks during the break.

If anything, I was probably the closest one to school related subjects.

"Where did you go?" A young girl in the front asked, her head in her hands as she gazed lovingly at him. The two knots on her head wiggled as she spoke with full movements.

Jae-won crossed his legs and leaned back. "Me? I went somewhere cool!"

Oh, please.

I rolled my eyes, then looked to Bo-mi. She had a slighy smirk upon her lips and I knew why. It was so evident what my husband was speaking about.

"I first attended a wedding with my family. It was the first Korean-American one I have been to."

The girl wiggled again. "Really?! Was it someone you knew?" The girls next to her were also excited to hear the handsome man talk about his life. Little did they know it was really full of dumb glasses, action figures, and laziness; as well as a hard-core mama's boy.

"Yes! I am very close to him. And his new bride was a wonderful lady!" He smiled brighter as he recalled the memory. "And then I went to a place called 'Cedar Point ' since a friend of mine had some tickets."

The class went of for a few moments when Jae-won's eyes lit up, as if he had remembered something. "Ah! I almost forgot! I have to go pick something up front the office. Please wait a moment."

I glanced at my friend in suspicion and she nodded, confirming my guess that he was retrieving the new student. The class was stirred up once again as they whispered in curiosity, also wondering what it is he had supposedly forgotten. Even the men were gossiping among the girls, like children would.

As expected, when Jae-won walked back into the classroom, he brought along a little friend. "You can sit next to Bo-mi in the back," he instructs the kid with a pointed finger. Although, it seemed his happy mood had dropped a few levels since the small trip. "Everyone, I hope you studied. We are going to take a quick glance at our English quiz questions. You will be taking it this Friday, so be prepared."

Well I mean, the perks of being married to your home room teacher.

I made a small smug face and went to wink at Bo-mi, but I was surprised to see a different face between us. A bit taken aback, I slowly turned away from the new student and sighed. I opted for texting her instead, but as I reached for my phone, I happened to make eye contact with the teacher.

The cons of being married to your home room teacher.

"Mr. Bak?" I ask aloud, raising my hand. "How many questions are on the test?"

He looked to me. "Fourty-five."

Some kids groaned. I, also, had an expression of disliking as I semi glared at him. He smiled briefly before handing back the papers. "It is more where I am from. This small amount is shocking, really."

When he got to my desk, he tapped down a small sticky note on top of my paper. I was confused, but I didn't make note of it in fear it would cause a problem. He also did one for Bo-mi, and two other students, including the new one. I figured there must not be a connection and just a distraction, but as I looked down, I grew annoyed.

'Questions 7, 9, 13, and 27 are what you should focus on.'

"A teacher's note?" I whisper, staring down at it. "Really?!" When I went to throw another look to my friend,  I was surprised to see the new student already staring at me. His bright blue eyes piercing right through me.

I faked a smile a turned away. It was a bit uncomfortable to be watched as I was, but I decided it was just a short time thing and would be over soon. Picking up the sticky note, I went to crumble it but saw the backside.

'Don't be mad :) I'm just doing my job, honey.'

I crushed in within my hand. Gritting my teeth, I took deep breaths and avoided looking at him for the rest of the day. I couldn't stand seeing his arrogant face until I could officially yell at him. His glowing eyes would shine brighter in triumph.

"Hey, Lilla!" Bo-mi calls as soon as the day ended. "Lilla, did you see him?"

I nodded. "Yes, I saw the new kid." Stuffing my bag with random papers, I prepared myself to leave. 

She grabbed my hand. "No! Did you see him stare?"  Her eyes were wide with earnest as she awaited my answer.

"Stare? Where? At me?" My confusion was starting to sink in as I talked to her. I could see Jae-won in the corner of my eyes, slowing his movements so he could also listen to her.

Bo-mi rapidly shook her head. "It was hella creepy! The boy doesn't know respect or manners. He didn't look away!"

I sighed. "It is probably nothing. Let's go before you are late for work."

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