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It is yer gorl.

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This takes in hidtoric au, war tiem, where generals wait for ham ham and hav sekcccc



George Washington sighed in frustration. War was ragging on and they still dont have a real general. A real commander.


Marquis de Lafaytte was stong and smart warrior and young and firm to lead.

But they need soemthing else....

Someone who is as unstopable as he is.


George sighed again.

He and Lafayette waited and waited ever since they sent him letter to return back on battlefield.

Did letter managed to came to Hamilton house?

Did Hamilton get that letter??

Did Hamiltin gave up on war and decided to keep his life happy and calm with his 2 month old pregnant wife, Eliza?

George sughed frustrated once again.

That is when Lafayette came in.

"General? I bring you some ze tea. For relieving stress." Lafayette said as he placed cup down.

George did not react at all.

"You think too much, mon chou." Lafayette said as he took seat.

"Do I??? What if he does not want to come back, Gilbert?" Geroge groaned.

"I believe not... Alex was always stubborn and he would always fight for what he wants, General." Laf said his accent thick with french.

"Just give him time. Who knows what got in his way." Lafayette said.


"What if he got killed?? What if he got re-prizoned by British!?" George panicked.

He then looked at Lafayette.

He would lie if he said that is when he fell in love with him.


Oh Gods, how he wished for him...

Wanted to touch him, feel him.

Geirge bit his lip.

"General?? Are you listening??" Laf interrupted.

George snapped off quickly of thoughts.

"A-ah yes! Sorry, may you continue." He commanded as Laf continued to babble.

And that is where Washington got lost again.

He stared at frenchman.

Who would not?

He was attractive.

He had caramel skin, dark brown eyes, beutifull curlish hair.

Oh God.

George did wanted Lafayette. Wanted to see his insides.

He forgot about Hamilton.

"General???? Are you listening??" Laf interrupted once again.

"A-ahh yess..." George said, lost. Not even knowing what Lafayette told him.

"No, your not, mon general." Laf said, whispering, his french trailed off.

George gulped.


Now Lafayette was seductive as hell.

General sat down.

"I...uh..." George slurred as Laf waled to him, his eyes full of lust.

"Sit George...be quiet. Since it is best thing you can do..." Lafayette muttered, sitting on his lap seductively.

George gulped as Lafayette was few centimeters away from his mouth.

He could feel frenchman low, huskily, hot breath on his lips.

And just as he was about to protest, frenchman leaned in and kissed him deeply.

George didnt fight back, he just melted in kiss.

Moaned when their tongues danced together.

Lafayette began to unfold Washington belt, deep in kiss.

He didnt bother to make George stand up, insted he just slide down and toik his hard dripping member in his mouth.

Geirge moaned, too frustrated, all of his worryness and problems were gone.

He sighed and moaned softly, grapoing Lafayette hair by pulling him deeper while Laf chocked on his cock.

George was close. Too damn close.

Amd he cum. All over frenchman mouth. He panted, his eyes nearly shutted.

Lafayette gave a deep kiss on his head before zipping George pants.

"H-hey we are not done ye--" George began as there was knock on door.

It was a soldier.

"Sir?" A voice called out. John Laurens.

"Yes?" George breathed as Lafayette squezzed his cock through pants.

"Can I come in?" John said as Lafayette gave one squezze and George panted out sharply.

"Y..yes of course." George muttered but loud enough to be heard.

Laurens opened door, his hair messy as hell, revealing Hamilton ,which was a mess too, as Lafayette smiled.

"Sir...im back." Alexander said, breathlessy

Lafayette and him greeted shortly with looks as John smirked softly before he and Laf left them to speak.

George was still cming dowm, processing what the fuck just happend.

He gulped as he looked at Hamilton.


George sat down.

"Let me tell what I wished I known..." George began "when I was young and dreamed of glory."

The end


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