Rock N Bowl N....Tabloids ?

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"Why do you look so nervous?" Chris tugged on my hand. I was dragging my feet a little as we walked into the bowling alley to meet his friends for Rock N Bowl late Friday night.

"I'm not nervous." I lied still resisting some as he pulled me along in through the front doors. Why do all bowling alleys smell the same? I wrinkled my nose which earned a laugh from Chris.

"Relax, they won't bite." He squeezed my hand.

"I'm not nervous." I repeated. Ok why was I nervous? I meet new people all the time. I even KNOW Dave. Well vaguely, from high school. He was 3 grades higher then me but a close friend of Chris's. After we got bowling shoes (eww?) I followed behind Chris as he led the way to where his group of friends sat waiting for Rock N Bowl to officially start. I let out a relieved sigh when I saw Scott among the group.

Chris frowned at me and shook his head, "You're so strange." He teased before turning his attention to the group.

"EVANS!" The tall lanky dude with spikey black hair, who I remember as Dave, called jumping up to greet us.

"Dave." Chris slapped him on the back, "Everyone this is Breelan. Breelan you probably remember Dave, this is Dave's girlfriend Lila, Jason and his girlfriend Alex, you know Scott and that's Alex's brother Kellan."

I gave a small wave and smile.

"We're playing girls against guys." Lila, a gorgeous girl with long black hair jumped up linking her arm to mine. "Well girls and Scott." she grinned widely.

I smiled and took a seat between her and Scott.

"Hey gorgeous." Scott leaned over kissing my cheek.

"Hi."I replied, again filled with relief that he was there.

"I'm gonna go grab a beer." Chris turned to me, "Babe you want one?"

"Yes please." I nodded.

"Babe?" Scott leaned over whispering in my ear.

"Shut up." I elbowed him playfully in the side.

The lights went down and strobe lights came on as loud music filled the air.

"You're up!" Scott nodded towards the screen where my name glowed across the screen.

25 minutes later the girls (and Scott!) were beating the boys, only by a few pins. But that didn't stop us from gloating.

I had just managed to score a spare and was doing a happy dance to the beat of the Drake song currently blasting through the speakers on my way back to my seat when 2 girls walked over to our group.

"Ahh! You're Chris Evans!" The shorter, blonde girl squealed. My eyes grew wide and I exchanged a glance with Scott.

"I am." Chris graciously smiled, seemingly unaffected that the girls were fangirling hardcore over him.

"Can we get a picture?" The redheaded friend asked as she whipped out her phone.

"Sure." Chris nodded

"Um...." The girl turned making eye contact with me, of all people, "Would you take a picture of us?"

I stood there for a split second in a little bit of shock before Scott nudged me. "Sure." I shrugged taking the phone from her hand. "Say Cheese." I held the phone up. I wanted to sink into the ground. Say Cheese. Omg.

"Thank you!!" The girls were gushing over the photo.

"Sure." Chris nodded, "Bye." He waved, then turned towards me, "I'm sorry." He mouthed.

"It's ok." I shrugged it off. He reached out and pulled me into his arms.

"That was really cool of you."

"Gotta give the people what they want....Cap." I teased. He gently kissed me on the lips.

"Thank you." He hugged me tight against him and I leaned up to kiss him again.

"Get a room Mr. & Mrs. America!" Scott called.

I laughed ducking my head against Chris's chest.

The next morning I was sleeping in, hard. After Rock N Bowl we went to a pizza place and Chris didn't drop me off at my house till 2 am. After working all day Friday and being out the entire evening, I was worn out. My phone repeatedly buzzing on my night stand finally forced me up.

"Kirsten you had better be in jail or dying for calling me a million times in a row at-" I winced looking at the time on my phone, "11:30 am." I pulled the pillow over my head.

"You need to check the link I just sent you."

"What?" I asked groggily.

"The link I sent you."

"Kir I'm not even awake yet. Can it wait?"

"Just do it. I'll wait."

I groaned but pulled up her text message and clicked the link. I sat straight up in bed when I saw what she had sent. A tabloid with someone's grainy Instagram photo of me and Chris kissing at the bowling alley. The article was titled Who's Kissing Captain America? I skimmed the article and then put my ear back to my phone.

"Wow." I wasn't' sure what to say.

"Are you ok?" Kirsten asked.

"Yeah, they don't know it was me. I hope Chris isn't mad."

"There's more." Kirsten continued.

"Like what?"

"The girl who posted the photo on Instagram, I looked at her profile. There's a few more and you can see your face"

"Oh." I laid back in my bed. "How did you find the girls profile?"

"She tagged the bowling alley. Just a few clicks and wa-la."

"I'll call you back." I hung up the phone, pulled up Instagram and started a search. I found the girls profile instantly. It was one of the girls who had her picture taken with Chris the night before. I scrolled through the comments on her picture and saw that one of his fan accounts had been tagged. I clicked it and my heart sank. On Chris's most popular fan account on Instagram was my face, and then my face making out with his face. The comments on this page weren't very nice and I  instantly felt nauseous. I jumped out of bed, tossing my phone down, I made a mad dash towards  my bathroom.

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