Book One ♦️ Geneva

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Geneva is a simulacrum of Earth.

One of three atmospheric satellites in low orbit, the top of the continent teems with Earth-based biology, while the machinery facing E'Ruin's Crusts is a fine-tuned machine, removing harmful gases, returning resources to the oceans, lakes, and rivers of E'Ruin's surface, and mitigating extreme weather patterns.

The other two atmospheric continents are Valhalla and Quasier, which are explored in Emergence No. 6 and Emergence No. 8, texts that are currently in draft.


College Life on Geneva,
Simulacrum Earth

In the spirit of providing relatable examples of Genevan life, Lab Eleven—one of the twelve laboratories in the Deep Below, or Second Underground—hired second-year college student, Setharia, to provide a slice of life for readers on the other side of the Bit Bridge.



In addition to the books contained in this quantascript, artifacts have been provided every four chapters.

Artifacts were collected by confiscating contents from iPigeons, iQuills, and other miscellaneous compressed files.


Seven Books

(❎) Geneva, Simulacrum Earth
(2) Wizardhood, Pocket Universe
(3) Melody-Harmony Engine, Sanctum
(4) Fourth Dimension, Time
(5) Fifth Dimension, Mithral
(6) Sixth Dimension, Chaos
(7) Seventh Dimension, Order


First & second drafts: September 18

Word count: 201

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