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Everyone has a past, don't they?

Each one of us have a story of our own.

Some people just want to reverse time to change it to how to was before.

Time is precious, once it's gone-

It's gone.

As people would say, time is gold.

Use it wisely.

Not all humans have the power to get something they always wanted.

But I do.

The names Chae Rin, 15, first year highschool.

I was born special.

I had the abilites to make wishes and they would come true.

I once had a best friend named |||

Every time I try to remember her name, my head starts to hurt but I can never remember her name, not even the first letter.

She was my next door neighbour about 5 years ago.

She suddenly moved without me knowing and I wished she would come back.

At that time, my powers weren't working.

I was very mad and upset.

Little did I know,

I met her again.


I lost her and it was-




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