Part 21

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When we fell asleep on the couch yesterday Cayden decided that he didn't wantto live any longer so he decided to throw ice cold water on me. I'm going to fucking kill him!!! I take my gun out. "come out Cayden!! you can't hide there forever." I said walking into the bathroom. I see Cayden laying in the bathtub eating oreo's I burst out laughing. He looks at me with a scared expression. "Chill down bish! that expression was everything!" I said laughing harder. "Glad that your enjoying yourself! But I need more Oreo's!" He said. "What the hell! you just ate a three pack of oreo's and you probably don't even get fat! unfair!!" I said sounding like a whining kid. "Princess chill.... want to go out breakfast I'm starving." He said. "Okay but afterwards we need to workout Fatass." I said I mean how unfair is it that he can eat whatever and have a sixpack but mine is faint like fuck. we got on our motorcycles. "Race you!!" I yelled speeding of. I got there in 5 minutes it usally takes 15 but since I'm an awsome driver it took 5. I obviously won the race.  

I waited for Bish aka Cayden when he got there we went inside. "Yeah can we have 2 large chocolate milkshakes and two big mac's" Cayden ordered I went to find a place to sit while he got the food. And of course the healthy freaks we are we got Mc Donalds what should we have got? Burger king? No no no I will never betray bae like that. I found a place to sit then Cayden walked with our food. "I'll go get ketchup." He said I watched him get it and while he walked over to me he crashed into an old lady so he fell on his ass and the ketchup got all over him. Don't laugh I repeated to myself but I couldn't help it I burst out laughing. it took a few secounds for me to collect myself I  went and got Cayden some napkins and helped him  clean up the ketchup on his face. "Bish how did you manage to do that?!" I said he  chuckled "I guess I'm just that talented."  We ate our food and talked. After awhile we were done with our food. We decided to start training Emilia started training with us an bout into training I teached her how to shoot and fight with knifes then Cayden helped her learning hacking suprisingly he were better than me at it,  but it seemed like she was a natrual at it. After training for 5 hours I showered then I visited Rose.  I talked to Tom about her condition it seemed like she's stable but they don't know when she'll wake up which made me sad she's my bestfriend, my main bitch I love her. I went to my motorcycle and drove to  a safehouse to plan the attack on them. When I got there I saw Cayden and gave him a soft kiss. "Hey bish" I said walking in with him. I met with some members of Cayden's gang so my brother and some of Cayden's friends. I hugged my brother. "Okay we need a plan. Any ideas?" I asked looking at them. "We should get some insiders and get informasion then we crush them." Jake said Looking at us. "That's a smart idea maybe Emilia could go to the main ganghouse she has improved alot." I said they just nodded. "I'll send 100 others around the ganghouses then we attack with everyone okay?" Cayden said we all nodded. "When should they leave?" Snake asked. "We'll send them tomorrow." I said. "We need all members to attack their gang is the strongest in Europe." I said because they were like they are on the size of our gangs combined but were more trained. "Alex you will not fight." I decided. "What!? I'm fighting this isn't just your fight." He yelled. "I can't risk you getting hurt." I said. "It's supposed to be the other way around Sky." He said. "Alex if you go into that fight and get hurt I'll lose control then everybody will be in danger!" I yelled. "Don't you know what happened to half of my gang when I chrushed their leader right after what happened? Don't you remember The black Queen?" I asked last time I lost control I was super dangerouse. "You were the black Queen?!" They all yelled looking at me in shock. "No shit sherlock." I said sarcastically. "Whatever I'mgoing to get Emilia ready were attacking in a month." I said cold walking out.


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