Disclaimer & Copyrights {Please Read!}

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I do not own Supernatural or any of its characters or plots. However, I DO own my OCs as well as their backstories and one shot plots. If you try to steal my ideas or any of my original work on this, I will report you to the full extent of Wattpad's Rules and Regulations which would end in deletion of your plagiarized work and possibly your entire account. I've been plagiarized three times already on this website and won every time, the books having been taken down and even an account deleted. So I wouldn't try anything if I were you.

Second of all, some of these are interracial as the OCs are sometimes mixed-race. So yes, racial slurs may be mentioned as well as bullying. Also it's fanfiction, so not everything is meant to be all that realistic or in the right time constraints of the TV show, although I did try my best.

And lastly, if any of you see any of these posted elsewhere - IT WAS NOT AUTHORIZED BY ME! I give no one permission to re-post these anywhere else! They are mine and I have full rights over every single one shot written here.

Okay, I hope you enjoy the one shots!

~ Sharon ~

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