Chapter 37

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"Go Amy" I finalise

"Fine, but Shawn I really thought you were different"

"And I thought you were different until you screwed me over with not one but two of my best friends" He retaliates

"Is anyone going to give me a lift to the airport?" She says dragging her suitcase to the door

"Get a taxi" I say, slamming the door in her face.

I look at the time- 11:30pm.

"I've got my first day of school tomorrow" I declare "I should go to sleep"

The boys nod in agreement and settle down too. I close my eyes and think about how this was the best birthday ever- give or take a few moments.

I feel lips brush my ear "Happy birthday Sky" Matt says before I fall fast asleep.


"Sky wake up!" Taylor screams shaking me vigorously "I swear it's like you're in a coma when you're asleep"

"What time is it?"

"6:30" Taylor answers "First day of school and all" I groan and sit up. Taylor takes my hand and leads me to the kitchen. I sit at the table as Jack Johnson brings me pancakes with chocolate spread.

"For the school girl" He says smirking

"I hate school" I say bluntly.

"I was going to give you this yesterday but I thought I'd save it for today" Taylor says placing a large box on the table. I open it to find several customised ring binders.

"What the?" I say pulling them out, they're covered in pictures of the boys and special messages on them too. "Guys, this is really sweet!"

"It was all Taylor's idea, we just helped cut and stick and write down random stuff to make you smile" Jack Gilinsky explains.

"Everyone's gonna hate me. You guys are adored and I've got custom made ring binders wow" I say sarcastically.

"It's 7:15, you better go get ready" Taylor says

"Okay dad" I joke. He smacks my butt making me leap into the air and run off upstairs.

I decide to wear my white jeans with a light blue denim shirt and my white vans. I grab my new blue and white dotted backpack and my clear pencil case and race downstairs to find my hairbrush.

"Has anybody seen my-?" I start

"Woah" The boys say in usion.


"You better not go like that otherwise they really will hate you, you look hot" Hayes laughs

"I'm sure I'll be fine" I say giving a thumbs up. "Hairbrush? Anyone seen it?" I say, remembering what I came down for.

Carter walks to the sofa and digs around inside of it. He pulls out a collection of buttons, coins and sweets as well as my hairbrush. He bends on one knee, as if he is proposing, in front of me.

"Your majesty" he bows his head and hands me the brush, I giggle and take it. I brush my hair out and braid the front.

"Looking good Sky!" Taylor says bumping his hip with mine. These boys are so cheerful today? This early in the morning!

"Thanks! What are you guys doing today?" I ask politely

"I'm dropping you at school then we have a meeting with the magcon managers" Taylor explains

"Nash, Hayes, Carter and I also have a video conference with mgmt26 managers" Cameron adds

"I can't believe you guys aren't performing together anymore" I say

"It's for the best" Nash says trying to wrap his arm around my shoulder but I push him off "Oh come on! You're not still mad at me?"

"You slept with my best friend in my bed after I poured my heart out to you about how much it bothered me that her and Matt were together! So yes I am still mad" I explain

"You were mad?" Matt asks

"Come on Sky, don't want to be late on your first day!" Taylor says cheerfully cutting Matt off.

"You're like my parents" I laugh, making him laugh too. I grab my pencil case, money, phone and ring binders and shove them into my bag. Taylor takes it from me and leads me out to his car.

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