Day 1: Best Friend

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Ohk I don't just have one best friend so here are only a two of them..

Dear Kaylee,

I can't stand the things you have done, and I find that you are sometimes full of yourself. However I respect the fact that you are trying to change and become a better person after your little blowout. At first when I found out that we have 5 of 9 classes together this year I was kind of upset that we had any classes together, don't ask why I don't know either. When I realised that I cannot judge you by what you have done, I noticed that I was being an idiot. All summer we haven't hung out very much, which I think is my problem right now. You are so supportive and I hate myself that I once was disgusted by you by just some stuff you've messed up with. I know I'm wrong and screwed up in the head for thinking that, But if you ever do it again I'm not sure if I will ever trust you again. So please don't do it again!

Sincerely, Thutam

Dear Lydia,

You are probably the only person that I know can read this. Sense I've moved in 2010, I have felt a little lost without you. You are the only Person from Forest City that I still talk to, and I'm glad we still talk. I felt terribly bad when I had gotten a Christmas present in the mailfrom you last Christmas. I hadn't given anyone any presents sense I've moved, not even birthdays, or even my own family! So one day I'm going to buy you THREE pressents and send them to you. One for last Christmas, one for your birthday this year, and one just cause I feel bad. I really hope we can hang out sometime SOON!(: Oh and don't let High School mess you up please...I LUBBEEERS YOUUU!!!

Sincerely, Thutam

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