Chapter 1

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Your eyes flutter open, and you jolt up on instinct. Your hands touch upon damp wet leaves, and you shudder momentarily.

Where the hell were you?

''fuck...'' you breath, on realizing every fiber of your body ached on attempting to move. Despite the pain, you got up.

A cool breeze swept through your hair and skin freely, and the sound of faint rustling of leaves danced along the air.

Even your field of vision was blurry. You wince through the foggy darkness, the moon being your only source of light. You urge your feet to carry on walking, mustering up all the little of last strength you had in you.

You couldn't give up now

After what seemed like forever, you gave a gasp of triumph. After a tiresome walk through the forest, you had finally come across a house, or something more like a mansion, and it seemed it was inhabited.

Bangtan's POV

So it wasn't just me ...Jungkook thought sniffing, his teeth bared into sharp fangs.

They all felt it. The sweet smell of blood...something they all yearned for badly. Their sense of smell and bloodlust had come to such an extent, they'd be able to differentiate between an animal and human a mile away.

Not often did a human come this deep into the depths of the forest, at this time of the night.

And it was coming closer.

Taehyung licked his lips. Finally...something other than deer blood tonight. Not a word was spoken among the seven, and the tension accumulating in the room made them growl lightly.

''guys...calm down'' Jin spoke lowly, the one usually in most control in these types of nights. ''we control...''

''damn it...hyung...I wish I could...'' Jimin breathed, clenching his fists so tight his knuckles turned white.

Their heart beats increased, heaty blood pumping through their veins as the scent got closer and closer.

Your POV

You pace up your walking, eager to find some shelter and rest. Your mind was so hazy and blank, you couldn't recall any of the events before you woke up here.

A chill went down your spine, and fear began circulating around your system. It finally hit you.

Who were you? Where were you? How did you get here?

''Y/N'' you told yourself calmly. At least you remembered your name.

You stared at the huge door in front of you, various thoughts racing through your mind. maybe this was all a sure didn't feel like reality.

Your fingers traced along the huge wooden door as it creaked, feeling for any type of bell. To your surprise, it was open. You stepped inside, and a few candles flickered in the dark.

You cleared your throat, signalling your entrance.

And when your eyes had finally adjusted to the lighting, you saw it.

Seven bloodthirsty men spaced around the room look up as if they've been waiting and grit their animal-like teeth, eyeing you up and down with hooded eyes.

Your breath is sucked in an inaudible gasp as you remain on the spot, speechless.

who and what the fook? how are they so beautiful?

You stare intently, incomprehensing, and your eyes widened. The sight of these peculiar alluring men just waiting for you invaded your senses overwhelmingly.

''Helloooo? Are you guys like statues or something?'' You ask, undeterred. One of them let out a soft dark chuckle.

''do you have any idea how much we're suffering right now? And here you come in casually, as if ASKING to get bitten?'' a man with skin as white as suga spoke up.

You tilt your head in a gesture of comprehension, and finally notice it too. They all look as if they're holding themselves back, resisting their temptations. You gulp harshly, as one of the figures walk towards you.

His teeth are bared in an animal like grin, and you realize just how perfectly his features are sculpted.

''Taehyung...don't you dare take the first bite'' Namjoon warned, as Hoseok growled in agreement.

He stops finally, when we're as close as 1cm apart, and with a spine chilling, single minded intensity, he is staring you down, eyes turning dark in malice.

His lips form a lazy smirk, and he raises his fingers.


And the candle light diminishes.


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