"(Y/n) your here!" I hear Syr say with panic in her voice.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be here? I came to get my lunch" I replied.

She runs up to me and takes my left arm and hugs it "I want you" She tells me forwardly. She then starts pulling me.

"Don't you think we're moving too quick, like extremely quick" I tell her.

I then see what she was actually talking about. She had pulled me into the kitchen where the sink was and here was an entire mountain of dishes inside the sink .

"That's what you want me for!" I say.

Syr nods before trying to act cute "Can you please do them for me (Y/n)?"

"What happened?" I asked while crossing my arms.

"Well... I kinda slacked off during wor- I mean break. Your lunch will be ready for you when your finished" Syr then goes off to do something. I sigh before starting the dishes.

"First thing she wants me to do as her boyfriend is do the dishes for her" I sigh.

"This is too much, it's going to take you too long" I hear Ryuu say as she walks up next to me "Let me help" Me and Ryuu started to do the dishes together "So you and Syr are together?"

"Yeah, though it's more of a harem" I say.

"A harem? It looks like girls see the good qualities in you" She replied.

"The good qualities? What good qualities?" I question.

"Syr said that, talk about boys stays between girls" she states "She's actually been talking about you a lot the past few days"

"Really? I never thought there was anything that interesting about me except that I'm an adventurer" I say.

"I guess girls say other wise" Ryuu says.

After a moment or two of silence I spoke up "So Ryuu, were you an adventurer before?, I'm just asking due to your sometimes cold personality"

"I was once, that's in the past now. Were you truly wanting to know because you want to level up faster?"
She says.

"No not really. I truly wanted to know more about you" I tell her and her cheeks become a very faint pink "I already know that if I want to level up faster I need to work hard, kill strong monsters, and adventure"

"I couldn't of said it any simpler" Ryuu says.

We continued to talk for a bit and next thing we knew we had finished all the dishes. We put the dishes away and it was time for me to go, I need to get home to Lili before they both kill me. I then looked at the clock on the wall.

"It's only 7?, I'm in the clear"

I grab my bag and tried to find Syr for my lunch but to only be stopped by Ryuu.


"Yes Ryuu, what do you need?" I question.

"I heard some rumors last night about some adventurers getting attacked by something unusually dangerous on the early floors, so please be careful and keep your guard up" She tells me.

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