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014. ❛ black cat comes out.

DASHING UP THE STAIRS, FELICIA MENTALLY HIT HERSELF VARIOUS TIMES IN THE HEAD FOR BLURTING OUT WHAT SHE SAID TO PETER. That thought came out of nowhere and in her innocence said it. She didn't know that she even felt those types of feelings for Peter. She didn't want to admit anything and really wanted to crawl into a hole and not see him in her lifetime if she could. She knew that she would have to deal with this conversation tomorrow with her friends.

"Why did you call him cute?" Felicia asked herself walking down the hallway to her apartment. "There were a million other options and you had to say the most embarrassing one."

Fumbling with her keys, she could hear through the door the screams of her mother talking to someone. She could only assume it was various companies calling to inquire about the bills that her mother couldn't necessarily pay at the moment. If there was one thing that she hated her father for, it was for leaving her mother with no financial security or anything to fall back on to support them. Pushing open the door, she could see that the screams had stop and her mother weeping on the countertop off the phone.

The creak of the door was enough for Lydia to wipe her tears and put on the fake smile that she mastered for her daughter. Felicia didn't know whether to push her mother on why she was crying; she didn't need to ask because she knew exactly why. No matter how hard her mother tried to hide it, the bills were piling up and her mother was on the edge.

"Hey honey," her mother said, trying to hold off her sobs. "How was school?"

Felicia wanted nothing more than to hug her mother to let her know everything was alright. Yet, she knew that her mother wanted to hide. If she hid, then she wouldn't have to come to terms with the situation she's in.

"It went great," she responded with glee trying to lift her mother's spirits with the day that went well rather than her bad days. "People really liked my spoken word poem."

"That's great, sweetie." Her mother congratulated, her tears still visible to Felicia. "I'm going to make dinner while you go do your homework."

The blonde nodded as she headed to her room with Twilight meowing behind her. As she shut the door, she silently locked it and went to check under the floorboard. Seeing his father's grappling hook and the rest of the tools that he used for his thievery. Felicia only had one idea in her mind, and she was going to don the Black Cat.

Felicia knew that she needed to start somewhere small, and she quickly packed a duffle bag with the necessary items to head off to her grandmother's loft. She would never deny a visit from her only granddaughter, and it was perfect for Felicia's first heist. Many of the people that lived in her grandmother's building wouldn't even notice they were missing any item; they would just replace it with the amount of money they had.

Once the night descended and her grandmother had fallen asleep, Felicia put on her black bodysuit and an almost silver like wig on her hair with a cat-like mask over her eyes. The whole ensemble made Felicia feel more confident than she's ever been. She caught herself in the mirror and stood there examining the whole costume and her as a whole. She lifted the mask from her face to see it in her hands. She didn't want to follow in her father's footsteps and didn't want to end up like him. Felicia was a good girl that has been dealt with crappy cards in life, and she knew that life is full of up and downs. But, seeing her mother in pain is what pulls her into stealing tonight.

Putting her mask back on, Felicia looked once more in the mirror, "Prepare yourself, New York. There's another Cat in town."

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[ authors note ]
I'm back!!!! I was super inspired to start writing again and this is what came out. I don't think that the chapter is that good, but it's going to get better. I'm just so excited for all the Black Cat and Spider-Man interactions I have planned!

 I'm just so excited for all the Black Cat and Spider-Man interactions I have planned!

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