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Wonwoo had been working a part-time job at the local library near his college and dormitory. He's used to people calling him 'That librarian guy' because they hadn't been paying attention to his obvious name-tag pinned on his polo shirt.

He walked to one of the aisles, rearranging and placing back the books that have been mixed up, most definitely by some teenage kids who bothered building  a small book fort.

"Ah excuse me," Wonwoo heard someone say.

He looked up to see a tall man staring at him. "Uh, do you know where I can find books related to engineering?" the stranger asked.

Start-struck is maybe what Wonwoo might describe what he felt. The stranger was slightly taller than him so Wonwoo had to look up to meet his eyes. When he did, those brown glistening eyes and the way his eyelashes fluttered when he blinked, sent him feeling something weird.

"Uh," Wonwoo stammered and laughed awkwardly in embarrassment, his ears and neck tinting in red and he looked away from the stranger. He'd been staring for too long. "Follow me." Wonwoo continued, hurriedly starting to move, which Mingyu smirked in amusement.

"Here, you can just use this computer to search what book you're looking for." Wonwoo quickly explained and pointed over his shoulder to the computers that were behind him.

Wonwoo didn't believe in 'Love-at-first-sight' but when he looked at this man he had never described someone so- beautiful or even ethereal. Yet, Wonwoo has never complimented a guy in such a way.

"Thank you. . . " the stranger looked down to his name tag. "Wonwoo." and grinned, his pearly-white canines blinding him.

Wonwoo awkwardly smiled back and left to go back to fixing the shelves. "God Wonwoo what was that?" he mumbled to himself. It's just work. Just doing my job. Yeah. Wonwoo thought.

He sat back at the counter and had such a perfect view (that he didn't ask for); it was the guy from earlier, sitting down on the floor and jotting down notes from the book. He looked so concentrated it was cute.

"Ah- snap out of it!" The older complained silently.

After about an hour passed, Wonwoo still sitting down on the chair behind the counter, he was approached by the guy again.

"I need to check this out please." He placed the book on the counter sliding it towards him.

Wonwoo stood up and scanned the book: "Engineering IV", with a bit of cream-colored and withered up pages.

"Library card please." He looked over at the other, who gave out his card and Wonwoo scanned it again, taking the small chance to glance over his name.

"Thank you." the man smiled and left, after Wonwoo scanned the card and gave the book back to him.

Mingyu huh? Wonwoo thought, watching the guy's silhouette disappear in the distance.

Nice name.

Forgive me

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