XII - They've Had Their Chance

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(This chapter contains sexual content and abuse.)


Joseph Seed's Sanctuary
Hope County Central
Three Days Ago


The woman looked over to the phone, her brows knitting together in concern. It was as if she was more interested in whether or not he was going to answer it than what they were doing. Joseph placed a hand under her chin and turned her head back to face him.

"Don't you want to get that?" She breathed out, starting to grind against him again. She moved up and down, the heat between her legs slick as he filled her.

"No. Not now," he groaned underneath her as he moved his hands to grip her hips tightly, guiding her along.

Her thighs tensed as he clearly disregarded the phone. She felt him buck his hips up to meet hers before she nodded her head and continued to ride him. She would remain obedient, as not to anger him like she had done on their last encounter.

Joseph swore to her that he was done with their little arrangement, but the loneliness had gotten to him. Without Leah, all he had was the memory of how soft Diana's hair was and its intoxicating fragrance—especially fresh from the shower. How her thighs felt wrapped around his waist, and the grace of her lips against his. All of those memories didn't keep him warm enough anymore. She was distant, almost felt like a figment of his wild imagination, like she'd been some fanciful mirage.

He decided on closing his eyes. He wanted to envision her instead, he wanted to pretend it was the woman he loved and longed for in his lap, purring into his ear, praising him as he filled her, letting her moans of delight and pleasure expand into the dark and silent void of the room. He dug his nails into her hips further and ignored her as she gasped and desperately cried out in pain.

Not soon after the phone ceased ringing, Joseph felt himself quickly approaching his climax as he thought only about the raven-haired beauty over the golden-haired Priestess with the plain face.



Joseph sighed. He was brought out of post-coital bliss, the trance-like state where he would lie there to catch his breath and stare at the ceiling, pondering the amount of prayer and atonement he would have to pay for this sin. He'd often recite the sermon from earlier in his head to rejuvenate himself, centered again on his faith when his body betrayed the path, and he acted against the law of celibacy. Tonight, he didn't. His train of thought had been so focused on the days to come, the potential loss of his family, and of course... Diana. Unfortunately, he was interrupted by the alarum that blared beside the bed, the phone crying out again that someone needed to talk to him.

When something stirred beside him, Joseph remembered allowing Leah to stay afterwards, still bare beneath the sheets. She curled in closer to cuddle with him, content to share his bed for the night.


He had assumed the person who had called earlier was doing so again, sweeping back in for a second round when he wouldn't be bothered to answer before. Part of him feared it was Diana. Part of him hoped it would be one of his brothers instead, relief and triumph in their voices as they explained everything was okay. That they were safe. Alas, the other part of him filled with the gut-wrenching woe of dread that it would be Whitehorse or one of his cursed Deputies.


As he breathed out, exasperated and willing to finally take the call, Leah turned and looked up with big eyes, curious what his reaction would be. He examined her, this young little thing who had followed him to Montana. A devout follower, a loyal girl, didn't expect to be on her back for one of them. Joseph did care for her deeply, maybe even love her in some capacity. But with Whitehorse having wiped away everything he worked for, her position as his priestess had been put on hold for other duties. Much more sinful duties.

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