Rhode Island

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Human Name - Emmaline (Emma) Hope Jones

Place of Representation - Rhode Island

Age(appearence-wise) - 15-16

Gender - Female

Appearence - She wears a light blue beanie untop of her usually braided soft white-blonde hair. She wears rather large nerdy-looking glasses which she constantly pushes up on her face when they slide off the bridge of her nose. Her eyes are a pale gray and rather empty of life. She is an albino, so she is never able to tan and is sensitive to sunlight(despite this "quirk" she is usually unseen, being the smallest state and overlooked in a fight).

Attire - Normally, she would be seen with a t-shirt--normally blue(it's her favorite colour)--from an aquarium she visited long ago when over Massachusett's house. She isn't rather fond of skirts or dresses, and normally wears either jean shorts or skinny jeans--depending on the weather. Her feet are usually slipped into her gray converse or flip flops--also depending on the weather. She wears a few bands around her wrists and a single silver band on her ring finger (though she isn't in a relationship with anyone).

Personality - She is very timid around strangers and prefers to be watchful instead of booming through the house like her other siblings. She is a very calm and laid back. During social gathers, she will become terrfied of the unfamiliar faces and instinctively go hide in a corner, pretending to be invisble. If she ever does make a friend, she will cling to them and never leave their side.

Passions - She prefers being alone and unbothered. Watching and listening. She loves seafood like clam chowder, clam cakes, and calamari. She is actually very nice and helpful, and will always help a friend in need no matter the cost. 

Others - Demophobia : Fear of crowds (she is the most un-social person, and expected that you come to her if you wish to talk and become friends).

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