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Human Name - Joshua Amias Jones

Place of Representation - Maine

Age(appearence-wise) - 15-16 Years

Gender - Male

Appearence - He has wild, dishelved, dirty blonde locks that falls into his eyes. His orbs are a startling emerald green--much to his dislike they resemble Arthur's--that most people find fascinating. His skin is slightly tanned from years of sunlight, but still regards a rather pale demeanor in the fall and winter months.

Attire - He is usually wearing a long gray shirt that falls to his waistline and bunches up at the elbow. The bottoms of his jeans are tucked into his hiker boots that are peremently dirtied for years of hunting in the wilderness.

Personality - Maine is an extrovert, and a very aloof state. He is often cosidered intimidating and cold by his siblings due to the fact that he is the northernmost state (with the exception of Alaska, but the two hardly see each other), and never talks.

Passions - He enjoys the cold weather, as most of her northern brethren do. He's a devout fishermen, known to spend hours by the sea or fishing in the chilly waters of the Atlantic on board his fishing vessel. He loves to read and is an avid spectator of horror movies in his spare time.

Others - The one thing that annoys him is when people (often) tell him that Maine was part of Massachusetts, or confuse him for another part of Canada. He is highly intelligent academically, and has more knowledge of the oceans and forests then his siblings do.

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