Jealous Friend...?

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Byakuya Togami
Toko watched in a furious rage as you and Byakuya were talking to each other.
'I should be the one talking with him. I should be the one kissing him. He should be mine!' Toko thought in a rage.
That's when Toko decided that she needed to do something, and started to plan out the demise of Byakuya and (y/n).
'Byakuya will be mine...'
Chihiro Fujisaki
Learning that Chihiro was a boy was a shock to Mondo. Despite this, he still loved Chihiro. And so it made Mondo mad and furious to see him dating you. Sure, he knew that Kiyotaka loved him, but that wasn't who he loved.
'Perhaps I can use Kiyotaka's love to my advantage... For I cannot rest until Chihiro's mine...'
Kiyotaka Ishimaru
'Damn it! Why'd I have to wait to confess to Kiyotaka?! Now he's dating (y/n)...' Mondo thought to himself.
Yep. He had fallen for Kiyotaka. But it was too late to get him.
Or was it?
'I will get Kiyotaka to love me... (y/n) doesn't deserve someone as amazing as Kiyotaka...'
Leon Kuwata
Dayana sighed as she watched you and Leon eat lunch together. Sure, she was already dating Makoto, but that was just because Leon was already taken. She loved Leon with all her heart, so seeing this scene only brought her to tears.
'I must get Leon to be mine! I might go crazy if I don't.'
Makoto Naegi
Kyoko watched as you were hanging out with Makoto, talking around random things. Kyoko wouldn't say that this was very close with her feelings, but she could tell that she liked Makoto. At first, she tried to ignore these feelings, for she saw how happy he was with you. But then... These feelings began to change..
'Makoto may be happy with (y/n), but he'd be even happier with me. In addition, are my feelings not important? Do I not have a right to be happy? I'll reveal the truth to Makoto, and show him that I'm the better person to be with...'
Hajime Hinata
After meeting Hajime due to Chiaki, Mahiru couldn't get him off her mind. She would make up excuses to hang out with you two, and then secretly take pictures of Hajime, and hang them up on her wall.
'I know that Hajime already has a girlfriend... But I'll show him that he would happier with me...'
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
Peko knew that it was against her orders that she had been given, but she couldn't deny that she loved Fuyuhiko. She always had, and to see him with someone else... It was killing her on the inside. And so, she planned to actually disobey her orders for once.
'I'm sorry (y/n)... Fuyuhiko... But I won't deny how I feel anymore...'
Gundham Tanaka
Sonia, being a princess, had suitors that had wanted her hand in marriage for a long time. But she didn't want any of them. All she wanted was the one who didn't want her; Gundham Tanaka. She had thought that since he was into the dark side of things that she and he would be a perfect couple.
'I'm sorry (y/n), but I'm a princess, and I'll always get what I want. Always.'
Nagito Komaeda
Hajime has always envied the main course students, and thanks to Chiaki, he was able to meet many of them. And one day, he met Nagito. At first, he didn't think much of it. But soon, he couldn't get him out of his mind, which made him sad to learn that he had a girlfriend.
'If I told Nagito that I loved him... Would he change his mind about dating (y/n)? I guess it can't hurt to try...'
Shuichi Saihara
Shuichi found it annoying when Kokichi tried to make things difficult for him and (y/n). But what Shuichi didn't know was that Kokichi did these things because he was jealous of (y/n) being with Shuichi.
'Why can't Shuichi see that I love him? I guess I could...' Kokichi thought, before thinking of a way to break you two up.
Miu was watching you and Keebo talking, and began to frown.
'I'm the ultimate inventor, not that little bitch (y/n). I'm the one for Keebo, and yet he's dating (y/n). I can't accept this! I must break those two up!'
Miu then began to execute her plan to break you two up... For she was more determined than she ever had been before.
Rantaro Amami
Kaede was practicing the piano, while crying. This had become. Regular routine for her, ever since she learned that her love was dating a nobody. An outcast.
'He deserves better. I deserve love. Why can't he see that were meant for each other...?'
Kaede then realized that if she wanted something to change, that she's have to do it herself.
'That's it. I'll make Rantaro realize what mistake he's making by dating (y/n).'
Kokichi Oma
Shuichi was very good at figuring out puzzles, deducing the correct answer to difficult questions. And so, it didn't take long for him to figure out that he secretly liked Kokichi. Yes, Kokichi annoyed Shuichi to no ends, but he couldn't deny what he was feeling.
'I wonder... Would Kokichi change his mind if I told him how I felt? Guess it can't hurt to try...'
Korekiyo Shinguji
Korekiyo was leaving his sisters room, after visiting her after an absence of doing so. While there, he had told his sister about his girlfriend.
While this didn't make her upset, she was furious that Korekiyo was abandoning her for some random girl.
'I must think of some way to make Korekiyo visit me more often... That's it! I'll break the two up, and then, I won't lose my only outlet to the outside world!'
Ryoma Hoshi
An old friend of yours saw you and Ryoma, and frowned.
'So, it seems like (y/n) finally found love. Bleh. Seems like I'll need to make it look like Ryoma's cheating, for I know that (y/n)'s the loyal type. But who to use as a pawn, I wonder...'

Yay! Another real update! Sorry for taking so long, especially to only show up with a short scenario. But I still hope you enjoyed it. Later! =^-^=

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