August 1, 2014 - Fandoms Assemble: Wattpad @ Comic-Con

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When you are the Internet’s largest community for readers and writers, it’s important to have a presence at the world’s largest fandom con. It’s for that reason that the Wattpad team journeyed to the hot San Diego to catch up with fandoms of all kinds. From TinTin and Spiderman, to Nyan Cat and Minions, we could not escape Comic-Con’s thousands of Cosplayers. It felt as though the thousands of fandoms that have stories on Wattpad all jumped out of our phones filled a convention center.

Wattpad-related highlights were book signings, Wattpad’s panelist Aron Levitz fangirling about the power of transformative works on a panel with Mischa Collins, and the announcement of the prequel for DIG (USA Network’s upcoming Event Series) being released exclusively on Wattpad (which you can read right here).

Best of all, Wattpad celebrated Fandoms of all kinds with an FYeahCopyRight and Creative Commons party. It was an event that Batman, who turned 75 this year, would have been proud of.

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