Chapter 15: The closet is open

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Ken looks at us with eyes wide open "big brother?" a bit confused at what to do Haru clung onto my torso while eyeing up Ken, "oh Alex is this your younger brother?" Haru looks up to me "oh yeah this is my younger brother Ken" Haru looks back at Ken with a smirk "oh just a 'brother' well that's great that means one less rival for me" he giggles.

"O-oh really?" Ken storms towards us and pries Haru off and latch himself on my torso "well sorry to say but I don't even see you as a rival since you're no match for me, however-" he reveals a crooked smile that only Haru can see only to mouth these five words.

"I mean me and big bro have been together since I was born, right big bro?" I look down at his cute puppy smile "yeah that's right and we'll always be together" as I smooth out his hair while he giggles happily to receive my brotherly affection, h...

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"I mean me and big bro have been together since I was born, right big bro?" I look down at his cute puppy smile "yeah that's right and we'll always be together" as I smooth out his hair while he giggles happily to receive my brotherly affection, he hugs me tightly and since he was shorter than me I can place my chin above his head. In the middle of the hug, Ken turns his head to reveal a sly smile, Ken's smile only caused Haru to laugh "yeah, of course, you're going to be together after all you are 'brothers' after all" he continues to chuckle.

He slyly pushes off Ken with brute force which looks like he only grabbed his shoulder, then looks back at me "I'm so sorry to ask you this Alex but would it be okay if you can help me get my bag? I think I might've left it behind" I look stunned for a moment.




"Y-yeah sure, I'll be right back!" I quickly leave the scene to go back to find the bag. 10 minutes of searching around I was able to find his bag hidden in the bushes, "found it!" I grabbed the bag and quickly rushed back to Ken and Haru but only to see Ken down on his knees shaking in fear while Haru looks down at him with a blank expression.

"Ken?" the two of them snapped their heads to my direction, "oh Alex you're back! that was quick, a bit too quick" he whispered the last part, "KEN!" I pushed the bag to Haru and ran towards Ken and kneeled down "are you okay what's wrong?" I took hold of his shivering hands into my own. He doesn't respond and continued to look down at the ground, "come on let's go Ken" I lift into a bridal carry so that Ken could bury his head in my chest.

"Huh? Alex, what are you doing?" Haru reaches out to me "Haru" I bumped my head into Haru "ouch!" Haru covers his forehead after he removed his hands I gently pressed my forehead against his "I want to like you Haru not hate you, I don't know what you did but don't you dare hurt Ken ever again" for the first time in my life have I felt pure hatred towards anyone before. 

Compared to my so-called family, my hatred towards Haru was richer. Tightening my grasp around Ken I take him away back to the dorm while Haru watches me, stunned on the spot.

I pass by fellow male students questioning on what I was doing, but I didn't really care, to be honest, they can spread rumours as much as they want but that won't bother me one bit, I used to be bothered by it for it may ruin my reputation as a Duke's son but not anymore.

I enter my room and carefully lay Ken down on my bed, I look at the table to see a letter from Natsu.

'Sleeping somewhere else tonight! 

so don't stay up waiting for me! 

Tee Hee~ 😘❤

From your beloved Summer ❤'

I don't know if I should be creeped out or I should laugh. Before that, I look at Ken who seems to be frozen looking at the wall with his back facing me, "Ken" I sat next to him and caress his cheek "are you okay? did he do anything to you?" he doesn't respond but instead, he turns to face me and grab my T-shirt. I chuckle at his cute action and laid down right next to him, made him an arm pillow for him to sleep on as I use my other hand to caress his back making small circles with my thumb.

"... It was nothing major Alex" he whispers finally, he doesn't want to tell me then that's fine, I won't force it upon him, "okay Ken, if that's what you say then I'll believe you" I kiss his forehead, "you can sleep with me tonight, my roommate seems to be somewhere else tonight, alright?" Ken nodded and buries his head into my embrace.

At times like these is when he's at his cutest, "Hey Alex" Ken looks up at me "yeah what's up?" usually he calls me big brother,  but I ignored it "Alex, I-" he hesitates and looks away "I-" he looks back into my eyes with a flush face as he whispers "I love you" if he wasn't my brother I would eat him right here right now, but obviously since we're brothers that's never going to happen and he meant it as in a brotherly way.

"Yeah I love you too Ken, after all, you are my baby brother" Ken looks at me rather annoyed, "no I meant like this!" he grabbed my collar and pressed his gentle soft lips again. Stunned by the sudden situation I felt his warm tongue seeking access into my mouth.





End of chapter 15



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