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3rd person pov, 3 years later~

"MAMMMMMAAAAA!" A little girl called out to her mother who was sitting on the bench.

"Yes, Sarada?" Sakura turned to her daughter.

"Bolt took my book! Help me!" Sarada cried out and her mother laughed.

"Sara! I'm so sorry! Aunt Sakura I didn't mean it!" Boruto apologized and gave Sarada's book back to her.

"Serves you right! Baka!" Sarada yelled the wiped her tears.

"Why you?! Teme!" Boruto yelled back.

The 2 argued back and fort as Sakura just laughed at the two.

Sakura continued reading a book called, "Big Mistake" she was smiling at the story due to the characters getting back together.

(Sorry if you haven't read that book! I'm really sorry if I spoiled it!)

She noticed the author herself has a weird pen name.

"AnimeshipQueen21? Seems kinda weird" Sakura commented.

Boruto and Sarada have came in the main house and played with their other friends.

Sakura sat down on one of the big couches in the big lounge room.

She sat there waiting for her husband to come back from one of his missions.

If you ask why she isn't doing them with him, well here's an answer, she retired from being a mafia gangster but she'll still remain as The Mafia's Wife.

As if her thoughts were being read, her husband has finally arrived home. Safe and sound.

"Sasuke!" She greeted and capture him in a hug.

Sasuke reclutantly hugged back and smiled at his wife.

"Again, so how was your days with out me?" Sasuke asked and sat on the couch with Sakura beside him.

"Great actually and Sarada was looking for you, she found something in your office" Sakura stated.

"Oh? And what is that?" Sasuke asked curious on what his daughter saw.

"Look" Sakura said then showed him a picture of him and Sakura.

"Look" Sakura said then showed him a picture of him and Sakura

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(Just imagine them wearing gold wedding rings)

"So she finally found it huh?" Sasuke asked caresssing the edges of the picture.

"Yeah, she asked why my belly was showing, I said it's because you like it" Sakura joked with a laugh.

"I never said I liked it, I just said you look great cause you look hot" Sasuke said with a smirk.

"Very flattering, honey. But you've got work to do, plus Sarada and everyone else would really appriciate it if you could keep it quiet, in other words keep it in your pants" Sakura said and the couple laughed.

"But even if you retired from being a gangster, remember you will always have a place to come back, remember you'll always be The Mafia's Wife".

An:  annnnnd that is where our story ends though I'm nice enough that I'll create a sequel but it's not SasuSaku but BoruSara and here's the cover my sweethearts so you'll see this on friday and it's gonna be The Mafia's Queen! Well that's all for now sweethearts I love you and see you on the sequel and Beautiful Mistake! Till next time byeeeee!


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