Chapter 33

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We looked at each other and realized what we were doing.
He left my hands and got up.
He took Zack in his arms from me.
"Zack, you are completely soaked." He said to Zack.
He looked at me when I didn't stand and offered me his hand after hesitating.
I looked at his hand then at him. He looks totally embarrassed.
Should I take his hand or not? was going so good just a minute ago and now... it's so awkward!!
I think I should take his hand if I don't then it will seem insulting. He is my employer so I can't just reject his hand like that.
He gave me a confused look and looked at his hand. He was about to withdraw his hand when I held it and got up.
I left his hand and looked away embarrassed.
"It was funny." He said.
"Yes." I replied and we both laughed awkwardly.
What should I do?!!
"Mommy." Zack said and I looked at him.
"Zack!! You are totally soaked!!" I said to Zack.
"Yes!! Totally soaked!!" Jayden repeated.
"Come, I will change you into dry clothes." I said and took Zack from Jayden's arms.
"I will..." I said pointing towards the villa.
"Yeah." Jayden said stepping aside to give me the way.
I hurried towards the villa. Escaped!!!!

I took a deep breath as soon as I entered.
What just happened?!!! Why did it get so awkward?!!! I got so carried away!! The way he looked at me at that time, made my heart stop!! I can still feel butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it!!
"Mommy?" Zack said and looked at me confused.
"Let's go and get you changed." I said and walked towards our room.
"You are a kid so you should not play in wet clothes. If you do, you will catch a cold." I said to Zack as I took out his clothes from the bag. I didn't arrange them in the cupboards. Why increase the workload when we are here for just four days.
"You can play with daddy after this, ok?" I said changing his shirt.
"Mommy play." He said.
"No, baby. Mommy has to make lunch so she can't play with Zack. Zack will play with daddy." I said smiling.
"No!! Zack stay mommy!!!" He said.
"Zack will get bored with mommy. So, Zack should play with daddy!!" I said to him.
"No!!! Mommy!!" He said folding his arms. He looks so adorable!!!
But, why does he insist on staying with me?
Maybe he gets anxious if I am not around him. Yesterday too, he was clinging to me after not seeing me for a few hours. I can't leave him alone.
"Ok. Then mommy will cook and Zack will play with his car." I said and he nodded his head smiling.
I should tell Jayden about this but I don't want to see him right now.
He knows that Zack is here with me so it shouldn't be a problem.
I took Zack and went to the kitchen.
"Zack, what do you want to eat for lunch?" I asked him.
"Ice-cream!!!" He said immediately making me laugh.
"That's not lunch. What else?" I asked him.
"Pasta!!" He said looking sad.
"Zack wants ice-cream?" I asked him.
He looked at me and nodded.
"Then, Zack will eat ice-cream!!!" I said opening the door of the fridge.
"Ice-cream Zack, mommy, daddy." He said and I looked at him.
I don't want to see Jayden yet!! My heart is still in turmoil!!!
"Zack, how about...Mommy makes pasta and then Zack and mommy go to the beach and eat ice-cream with daddy!!" I said.
"Ok!" He said smiling.
I kissed his cheeks.
Why is he so obedient!!! He always listens to whatever I tell him!! Jayden is also like that... Julia!!! Stop thinking about Jayden!!!!
"Mommy?" Zack said confused.
I looked at him and smiled.
"Let's go and make pasta!!!" I said to him and he clapped his hands.
I put him in his seat near me and gave him his car.
I can put him to the ground and let him play but I don't want to leave him unsupervised. What if he hurts himself?! The place is not child safe like the mansion.
I went to the kitchen counter and sighed. I need to concentrate!! I keep getting lost in thoughts making Zack worry. And it's not like something big happened. We were just looking at each other, that's it!! But, why does my heart beat fast when I think about it?! I can't be falling for Jayden, right? I can't fall for him! I will be hurt in the end if I did. He still loves his wife and I am well aware of that. And if he finds out what I am thinking then he will kick me out. I don't want to stay away from Zack. Zack needs me and I need him too!! I can talk about my mom and dad without crying only because I have Zack. It seems like he took away all my pain and now their memory brings a smile to my face rather than tears in my eyes.
It's all thanks to Zack.
I looked over at Zack who was playing with his car.
I am so lucky to have met him and spend so much time with him. I may not have any kids but he made me feel like a mom.
I walked up to Zack. He looked up at me as I approached him.
I bent down and kissed his forehead.
"Zack, mommy loves you the most! Thank you for coming into my life!!" I said and kissed his head again.
"Zack loves mommy!!" He said and smiled brightly.
Awww...I hugged him. My cute Zack!!!!
I smiled and went back to making pasta.

"Zack, I am done. Want to take ice-cream for daddy?" I asked him as I turned off the gas.
"Yes!!" He said looking up at me.
I have calmed down and ready to face Jayden again.
I took three ice-cream cones and ice-cream box from the freezer and put it on ice-cream cones and turned to Zack.
"Zack, can you hold these?" I asked him.
He nodded his head in a yes.
I let him hold the ice-creams and lift him up him my arms.
I walked towards the beach.
"Daddy!!" Zack called out to his dad as soon as he saw him.
Jayden looked at us and stood up.
"What are you doing here?" I asked him as soon as we reached him.
I thought he will be surfing but he was sitting here.
"Ta-da!!!" He said stepping aside and my eyes became wide in surprise.
Before my eyes stood a beautiful sand castle.
"You... You made this?" I asked him surprised.
"Yes!" He said proudly.
"By yourself?" I asked not believing my eyes.
"Obviously!" He said really proud of himself.
"How did you?" I asked him.
"What's with the questions? I learned by watching you, is this what you were curious about? Come on! Leave those boring stuff and tell him how is it?" He asked me.
I blinked my eyes still not believing that he made this himself.
"Are you that surprised?" He asked laughing.
I looked at him and nodded my head.
He laughed again.
"It's beautiful and perfect!" I said at last.
He smiled ear to ear.
"Zack, do you like this?" He asked Zack.
"Yes!!" Zack said making Jayden's smile broaden more if it could.
"You learn fast." I said impressed.
"I know." He said too proud of himself.
"Oh! Zack and I brought ice-cream! Let's celebrate this with ice-cream!!" I said and Jayden's eyes brightened.
"Zack, give one to daddy." I said to Zack.
"Daddy..." He said and gave one ice-cream to Jayden.
"Mommy..." He said giving one to me.
"Ice-cream!!!" Zack and Jayden said in union with the same amount of happiness.
I looked at them surprised.
"You like ice-cream?" I asked Jayden.
"I love ice-cream!!" He said.
They are totally alike! They both love ice-cream and also eat it in the same way, by licking it with their tongue while I just bite off my ice-cream.
I smiled looking at them.
They are so cute!!
"Zack, it's tasty, right?" Jayden said to Zack.
"Tasty!!" Zack said and they both smiled.
"Let's go inside. I made lunch." I said and they looked at me.
"What did you make?" He asked me.
"Pasta." I said and he looked at Zack.
"Let's go inside while eating ice-cream! Pasta is waiting for us!!!" He said to Zack and picked him up in his arms.
"Let's eat more ice-cream after lunch." He said to Zack walking inside.
I followed behind laughing to myself.
They are too cute for my heart!!!!

I heard a knock on my bedroom door.
I got out of my bed and glanced at sleeping Zack.
They played in the sand the whole evening until dinner time. I know about Zack but Jayden too played with Zack in the sand. Jayden becomes a kid with Zack.
I opened the door.
"Do you need something?" I asked Jayden.
"Not really." He said smiling hesitantly.
"Then, why did you knock?" I asked him.
He definitely has something to say.
"I mean, I don't need anything but I wanted to talk to you for a minute." He said and I nodded my head.
I stepped out and closed the door behind me.
"So, what is it?" I asked him.
"Umm...actually...that..." He said hesitating.
"Jayden, just say." I said to him.
"Yesterday, you were saying something and then you left in the middle. I thought a lot but I couldn't figure it out so I..." He was saying when I sighed.
"Mr. Smarty Pants, didn't I tell you to figure it out yourself." I said to him.
"I couldn't! That's why I came to ask you!" He said.
"You have two days to think about it. Give some work to your brain." I said to him.
"But..." He was saying when I interrupted him, "If you don't have anything else to say then I am going back inside. I am really tired and really sleepy. You should go to bed too."
I opened the door before he could say anything and walked inside.
"If you couldn't figure it out before we leave then I will tell you." I said before closing the door.
Why does he seem so dumb sometimes?!! I can tell him about it but I want him to figure it out himself. It will be too easy if I just told him like that. How could he not guess such a simple thing about his own wife, the one he loved so much and who loved him a lot!!

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