Chapter 01: Paris Is Burning

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Kim stirred and untangled herself from her luxurious silk sheets. It was still dark out. She slid her hand over to the other side of the bed and found it cold. Still fuzzy with sleep she remembered that Kanye was away, traveling to gain inspiration for his fashion line. What had awoken her? 

She turned over and rearranged her pillows and tried to fall asleep. But no, something was wrong. She opened her eyes and saw Paris Hilton, towering over the bed. Her eyes glowed red and she held her hands out, manipulating a hovering sphere of powerful dark energy that crackled with blue lightning. 

Kim sat up. “You! How did you get in here?”

“With Kanye away I easily found a weakness in the defensive psychic perimeters of your mansion,” Paris said. “And now you shall pay for what you have done to me.”

“WTF are you even talking about,” Kim said. “It’s like zero o’clock in the morning.” She had to keep Paris talking. If she could slide her hand under her pillow and reach her phone, she could use it to cast a defensive spell against Paris. It was her only chance.

“I’m talking about Willow Pape. The character in your game that everyone hates. Willow Pape was YOUR idea. You knew people would think it was me. Everyone hates me now that your game is so popular. You are trying to destroy my brand, the brand I fought so hard to create. You think you can defeat me so easily?”

“That’s not true! Willow Pape isn’t supposed to be you, it’s just a character in a game. If people guess it’s based on you maybe you need to manage your brand a little more carefully. Now put your power sphere away and let’s actually communicate about this, or at least loop Legal and PR in like civilized adults.” Just a few more inches and she would have her phone--her wand--in hand. 

But Paris noticed what Kim was doing and a bolt of electricity shot from the sphere and stung the back of Kim’s hand. Kim drew her hand back, the pain arcing up into her shoulder.

“More like KardashiCAN’T. You are pathetic. You try to destroy me and then lie about it to my face. Well, Kim, if you like your game so much, why don’t you play it...FOREVER.”

“What do mean?” Kim said “I actually do already play it every day. If you add me on GameCenter there’s a special limited edition dress coming out that I can send you. It costs like 150 K-Stars.”

“Stick your K-Stars up your ass, Kim, you’re going to need them. I’m sending you to live inside the world of your game. You’ll just be another anonymous E-list celebrity with no money and no brand, for all of eternity. Enjoy!”

“Wait, what? No!” Kim cried out as the sphere grew bigger. It shot towards her and buried itself in her chest, knocking her out. Everything went black and she felt herself falling, falling, the sound of Paris Hilton’s evil laughter getting farther and farther away. 


Yes, Kim and Paris are witches, you didn't know that? Keep reading and all will be revealed. It'll be fun, I promise. <3

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