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Mary's POV

"Must be nice to have someone who understands the life you live ."

"Must be nice  Having someone who understands that a thug has feelings too .Someone who loves you for sho'
You just remember to never let 'em go."

"'Cause even when your hustling days are gone
She'll be by your side still holding on
Even when those twenties stop spinning
And all those gold-digging women disappear
She'll still be here."  Lyfe Jennings sang beautifully.

"I love and adore that song ." He smiled .

I clicked for the next song . We were sitting on the studio chairs just listening to music as I was waiting for the next song to play it came on .

"Through the wire" by Kanye began playing I fell to my knees .  I put one hand in the air ,put my head down , and let the tears fall .

It all came back to me .

"How do you console my mom or give her light support  telling her her daughter's on life support?" I sang along as I got choked up .

"Babygirl what's going on ?" August asked .

I stayed on my knees for 5 more minutes before getting up and ready to tell August the story .

I paused the song cleaned up my face and got prepared.

"What happened ?" He rubbed my back softly.

"August when I was 14 I got in a really bad car accident. I was so close to dying it was probably one of the worst pains I've ever experienced . It was one of the darkest places I have ever been . I literally had no chance of living. One day I was out for a drive because I had gotten into a fight with my parents. I just needed to clear my mind . I was so mad I couldn't be home . I was speeding  through a street the light was yellow I thought i was going to make it and instead I got into a head on collision with a truck . My mom said that I looked like a rag doll all cut up and messed up .
When I got to the hospital my jaw had broken . They had to wire it shut  just like Kanye .  I had blood clots my whole head was swollen my arm and leg were broken . I just wanted all the pain and bad news to stop coming my way . I began fighting inner demons . It was a dark time for me . While I was in a coma I thought "when is it all going to end if you're ready to take me god take me even if I don't want to"  I lost my mind being in and out of  different hospital rooms. All the medication made me loose all feelings of the world . Chris and Trey came to visit they were so worried . I heard them cry their eyes out while in the coma .  They were torn . They've already been through enough I just added to more fucked up shit they had to see . That was probably one of the worst  thing We've all been through. Then a year after my parents died in a car crash. I was torn . I lost my shit . Somehow I found a way to put it all together.   That song helped so much through that time . I was praying for me , my sanity, and my 4 loved ones only to lose 2 .  But here I am doing this music shit expressing what I've been through . The beats to the songs represent something. The lyrics sometimes might not but I make sure the beat does . I'm not scared of death one bit .  Ive been through hell and back just to reach a decent state of mind. Opening up to someone is hard but opening up fo you is not the same . You get the struggle of growing up in the streets like I do . Many people have privileges that we don't .  It's all ok now cause I'm happy ." I choked up saying happy because I'm not . I put on a fake smile just to go with it .

He quickly took me into his embrace.  He didn't say anything he didn't have to . Just his presence helps numb the pain . August has become a huge part of my life i don't even have the words to explain.

He just has this thing to him that makes us connect . He has this natural ability to immediately help anyone who's hurt or struggling. He cares so much for other people. He's just scared he's going to get judged for it .

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