Chapter 32

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Jayden entered the kitchen yawning when I was making breakfast.
"You are up already!" He said taking out a bottle of water from the fridge.
"You are late today." I said cocking my head to look at him.
He drank water and placed the bottle back.
"Daddy!!" Zack said who was sitting in his seat at the dining table.
Jayden took him in his arms.
"I slept late because someone left me puzzled yesterday night. I was thinking about what that meant till late." He said complaining.
I didn't say anything.
"Zack, you tell me, it's not a good thing to leave in the middle of the conversation, right?" He said to Zack.
"Coveraton?" Zack tried repeating.
"Jayden, stop involving Zack in this." I said sighing.
"Then just tell me already!" He said getting impatient.
"Breakfast is almost ready so please go and freshen up." I said ignoring whatever he said.
"I won't go until you tell me!" He said stubbornly.
I turned to look at him.
"Zack must be really hungry and you want him to have breakfast without his father even though you are on vacation?" I said shaking my head.
"I will be right back!!" He said keeping Zack back to his seat and hurried to his room.
I laughed out loud.
He is so stubborn but so naive too. I don't know how he lived his life when it's this easy to convince him.
It's a matter of concern too!! I hope he uses his brain and common sense in business...
I walked over to Zack and smiled at him.
"Zack, you will have to take care of your daddy, ok?" I said and he nodded his head.
I know, he is too young to understand anything but he still agreed.
I kissed his forehead.

"Jayden, take Zack to the beach and start making a sand castle. I will bring some snacks and drinks to eat later." I said to Jayden as he was wiping his hands after putting dishes in the dishwasher.
"Zack is going to surf, not make a sand castle." Jayden said.
"It's really sunny so he shouldn't go for surfing right now. That's why it will be good for him if he plays in shade. I will bring a beach umbrella along with snacks." I said.
He walked towards the glass back door and looked outside.
He thought for a second and turned back.
"Ok. Let's do that. The sunlight seems really strong than it was yesterday." He said.
"Come on, Zack! Let's go!" He said lifting Zack in his arms and walked outside.
I took a basket and put few snacks inside along with a small beach cooler full of cold drinks and two beach umbrellas.
I think I took everything I need. I already applied sunscreen to myself and Zack but let's just take that too just in case.
I must be crazy to pack these things when the beach is just right outside. But, I still don't want to leave Zack's side for no reason. The way he was clinging to me yesterday and how terrified and worried he was... I don't want him to feel that way again...
I should hurry up.

"Daddy!! Wrong!!" I heard Zack say as I walked towards them.
"How is this wrong? I think this is how you do it." Jayden said.
"Wrong! Wrong!" Zack said.
"What's going on here?" I asked placing everything down and opened the beach umbrellas.
"Nothing! We were just making a sand castle." He said and I looked at the dry sand that Jayden was trying to shape.
"What is that?" I asked him pointing to the sand dome.
"I was making a sand castle." He said confused.
"With dry sand?" I asked shocked.
He didn't reply.
"You don't know how to make a sand castle, do you?" I asked him.
"So what if I don't know! It's not a big deal!" He said looking away.
"You have a beach house with a private beach where you spend days and weeks but you don't know how to make a simple sand castle?" I said shocked.
"So what?!! You too don't know how to surf when you have been visiting beaches since you were young!" He said being unreasonable.
"Yeah, because surfing needs training but this, it just needs common sense." I said trying not to laugh.
He folded his arms still looking to his left.
"This won't do! I will teach you how to make a sand castle." I said taking the bucket.
He looked back at me, his eyes wide.
"I don't want to learn!" He said. He looks embarrassed.
I tried not to laugh at him.
"Really! If you don't learn now then how will you make sand castles with Zack. Leave that aside, even if you can just teach him surfing because you are young but how will you teach your grandkids surfing when you get old. You should know something so you can enjoy with them." I said and his eyes grew wide with realization.
He got up from the sand and took the bucket from me.
"Tell me what to do." He said with determination.
I looked at him wide-eyed.
"Julia." He said and I blinked my eyes several times.
"Get water to wet this sand." I said and he ran towards the ocean.
He is so simple-minded. I just tell him something and he understands it so well. He never thinks that it's unreasonable because it's in the future. He just does it without any complaint.
"Zack." I said and he looked at me.
"Your daddy loves you a lot so never leave him, ok?" I said to him and he nodded his head.
I kissed his head.
The more I get to know Jayden, the more anxious I get. I feel like taking care of him, protecting him from everything. I feel like he needs care more than Zack. He seems like an immature kid. How can someone give such different impressions? Just a few days back, I hated him from the bottom of my heart and now I care about him. I don't know if I am a part of their family or not but they are a part of my family and life. A part that I cannot live without.
This sound broke my trail of thoughts. I looked at Jayden.
"More?" He asked.
I nodded my head and he walked back to the waters.
I grabbed another bucket and looked at Zack.
"Zack, let's help daddy. Grab your bucket too." I said to him and he took his small bucket that he can easily lift even if filled with water.
We ran towards Jayden and he turned to look at us.
"What happened?" He asked me.
"We came to help you." I said smiling.
"No, no, no. You two should sit there. Let me do this carrying thing." He said looking at me and Zack.
"We are not going to listen to your no. We are helping you and that's final. And it's so boring to just sit there and do nothing when you are carrying water." I said.
"Ok. I get it." He said sighing.
I smiled looking at Zack and he looked at me and smiled.

"At last!!! It's done!!" I said looking at the finished sand castle.
Zack and I made it while Jayden just sat there watching us.
Actually, he tried to help us at the start but that help didn't go well and broke a few bases that we made so I told him to just sit and let us do it. And he got angry and went to sit away from us.
"Isn't it beautiful?" I said to Zack and glanced over at Jayden who saw me and looked away.
This is the first time I am seeing him get angry like this. Actually, I have been seeing so many different sides of him since coming to this beach house. He just keeps on amazing me with his cute sides. Who would have thought, the guy who used to shout and glare at me the whole day could have such cute sides to him.
I shook my head. Julia!! Back to your senses!!! He is just being like this for Zack's sake, just to give a normal family to Zack.
I looked at Zack who looked sad looking at his dad.
I gotta do something.
"Zack." I whispered to him and he looked at me.
"Let's make up with daddy." I said and his eyes twinkled.
I glanced over at Jayden and he diverted his eyes as soon as he saw me looking.
Simply going and trying to apologize won't do. I don't think he will say ok that easily. He will definitely show a lot of attitudes.
I looked at the ocean and an idea came to my mind.
"Zack, let's do something fun." I whispered to him smiling.
He smiled back.
I grabbed the bucket and Zack copied me.
I held Zack's hand and walked towards the sea.
I looked back and saw Jayden looking at us and again he looked away as soon as he saw me looking at him.
I filled mine and Zack's bucket with water and started walking towards the sand castle but changed path and walked towards Jayden. He looked at us confused.
"Zack, splash all the water on daddy when I say 'now', ok?" I whispered to him and he nodded his head.
"Now!" I said as soon as we reached near him and we splashed the water on him.
He wiped his face with his palms and looked at us shocked.
"This is to cool you down." I said and started laughing.
"You!!! Wait till I catch you!!!" He said and I took Zack in my arms and started running with Jayden following behind.
"Cool me down, huh!! You two!!" He said from behind.
Zack and I laughed as I ran and ended up near the sea.
I ran in the wrong direction!! Let's try to run towards the villa!!
"Where do you think you are going?" Jayden said blocking the way and laughed.
"Now you two will know how much that cooled me!" He said and I started taking steps backward while he stepped towards us.
"It was just a small prank." I said.
"Yeah, yeah, just a small prank." He said taking another step.
"Oops!!" I said as I slipped and fell on the water with Zack on my lap.
Jayden started splashing water on us.
"Stop!!" I said laughing, putting my hands on mine and Zack's face.
"Arrghh..." I too started splashing water on him and he held my hands, all of us laughing.
We both looked at each other.

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