The Main Characters

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This chapter has information on the main characters.

Hunter Price: Hunter is naïve, but unashamedly confident. He is deeply in tune with his conscience. He acts impulsively, yet always in line with his honed instincts. He is utterly devoid of conceit. He does not question his zeal, his passion, or his life's purpose. He unequivocally accepts his role in the universe.

Tiyana Price: Tiyana lacks Hunter’s naïveté, but not his ambition. She has a wild streak that rarely comes out, but it is just as powerful as her husband’s. She cares deeply about living well. She saw chaos tear her family apart and she is determined to find order. The blend of desire for order and the urges of her wild side conflict occasionally. Since she met Hunter, she has opened up, but she is still prudent. While she thrives on adventure, she will never throw caution to the wind.

Hongo Ochuka: Hongo is an disciplined leader and an expert marksman. He is large and imposing. He rarely needs to speak because people tend to listen when he does. As a young soldier, he learned to compartmentalize his life. He can be either ruthlessly efficient or abundantly caring, depending on what the situation demands. He feels like his life has come unglued since the employee that he secretly loved was killed when the digsite caved in.

Virgil: Virgil is an enigma. Long years of eremitic solitude have left him devoid of rudimentary personal skills. He enjoys poetry and sometimes speaks in riddles. He is doggedly loyal to the Kingdom. He is an amateur historian. He knows very little about the Aldenduenum and has only a chronicler’s interest in technology.

Ghaelvord: Ghaelvord is a megalomaniac. He suffers from sociopathic tendencies. He has a sharp, cunning mind and never stops scheming. He has a shallow capacity for empathy, which he uses to rationalize his behavior. He believes in engineering utopia and he has no problem breaking eggs to make his omelet.

Malacoda: Malacoda does not think deep thoughts. He likes to fight. He likes adrenaline. He appreciates good leadership. He becomes peevish when he does not have challenging work in front of him.

Shenouda: Shenouda’s tragic childhood and even more tragic experience with Ghaelvord have pushed her over the brink of sanity. Her personalities split. She now has a sensitive side that maintains her childhood innocence and a petulant side that only wants to satiate urges. She learns to flip between sides with increasing dexterity.

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