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CALIX WAS NOT HAPPY WITH GISELLE AND HER DECISIONS. The alien didn't want Giselle to have to use her powers the way she did, and when Giselle did, it just irritated Calix. Giselle knew that Calix considered her a younger sister and wanted nothing but the best for her. She knew what using her powers did to the Caster, but Giselle was a people pleaser and she wanted nothing more than to help the Avengers with their problem. She wanted nothing more than to save the other Guardians and bring back Mantis. That was why she was doing everything she was.

The Caster stood in front of a large window as she stared into Wakanda's nature, biting down on her thumb. Calix stepped into the room that Giselle was in, her hands in her pant pockets as she watched her. She knew that Giselle was going through a lot with everything that was going on, and Calix was too. There were things that Calix knew about the situation at hand, things that she probably could've done to stop half the universe from disappearing.

Giselle, feeling the overwhelming presence of Calix in the room, turned around to face the other blonde. The alien pressed her lips together as she stared at her for a few seconds, before approaching the couch and taking a seat. Calix rested her hands on her knees for a few seconds, before glancing over to Giselle.

"I know what you're doing is the best thing for everyone, but I don't think it's the smartest thing for you. You know what happens when you exert yourself, and I don't want to watch you burn yourself out," Calix spoke to her and Giselle quirked up an eyebrow. "I love you like family, and you know how difficult it is for me to allow people in. These Avengers? They seem like good people, and that's a lot coming from me seeing as I am the last person who should make a judge of character."

"Don't you want Peter back? I know that your feelings for Peter are genuine and that you would do anything to get him back, Calix," Giselle replied to her as she approached the couch, taking a seat beside the blonde. "There are things that you have told him, and I know that it's hard for you to open up to people. But, Calix, if I can do something to help these people, as well as the rest of the universe, I want to."

Calix stared at the Caster in front of her, before inhaling deeply. She nodded her head to the Caster before a small tear slipped out of her eye. Giselle furrowed her brows together as she watched the tear fall from her cheek and down to the floor. She reached for Calix, and the alien tried her best to steer her gaze away. The Caster grabbed onto Calix's hand and a gasp left the alien's lips.

Giselle's eyes widened as she stared at Calix, her lips parting in shock. The two of them sat there for a few seconds, and Giselle didn't know how to ask the alien in front of her about what was going on within her. Calix didn't even know how to announce the news to the woman, especially with the situation that they were in.

"Calix . . . oh, my god," Giselle whispered as she watched Calix squeeze her eyes shut as a few more tears fell down her cheeks. It was something that Giselle never believed would happen to her in a million years. She didn't seem like the type of person that would ever be ready for such a thing, even if she was an adult.

"I don't know what I'm going to do . . . I, can't believe I'm saying this, but I need Peter here to help me with this," Calix replied to her in a low tone, wiping the tears off of her cheeks. "Neither of us are good candidates as parents, but here we are . . ."

Giselle dropped to the floor and knelt in front of Calix, holding both of her hands in her own, staring up into her eyes. The Caster's eyes began to water as she stared up at the woman in front of her, shaking her head slightly, "Calix, I promise that I will get Peter back for you. You should not go through this alone. I will do everything that I can to bring him back to you."

Calix nodded her head again as she pulled a hand away to rest on her stomach, inhaling deeply, "I just . . . It doesn't matter that I didn't want kids in the first place, now that Peter's gone . . . This child is the closest thing I'll have to being with him again."

"How did you find out?" Giselle quesitoned her.

"While the Princess was checking everyone and their vitals . . . apparently I'm far enough along to tell that I am pregnant," Calix answered her and she inhaled deeply, her breathing shaky as she did. "I just want Peter back so badly . . . He didn't deserve this, I should've been the one to disappear, not him."

"Don't say that, Calix," Giselle begged her. "We need you here. You're what's keeping Nebula in line, as well as Rocket. If it wasn't for you, the two of them would be raising hell amongst the Avengers. You will be what keeps the Guardians alive, as well as the others."

Calix reached for Giselle's face and caressed her cheek gently. The two of them stood up and Calix pulled Giselle into an embrace, pressing a kiss to her forehead. The two of them hugged for a few seconds, and, as they did, Nebula entered the room. The woman glanced between the two of them and she let out a small sigh.

"I know that I just have the best timing, but the Avengers want to talk to everyone," Nebula said, earning their attention. She glanced between the two of them, raising her brow bone as she glanced at them. But then Calix approached her and whispered in her ear, and when she pulled away, Nebula's eyes landed on Calix's stomach, before her eyes again. "Calix . . . "

"It's okay," She assured the woman in front of her. "We're going to get them back," Calix looked back to Giselle, and then to Nebula again. "All of them. Everyone is coming back."


author's note !


・゚゚・。 I'm not usually a fan of the baby card, but this is actually very developmental for Calix's character. It will be established in Oblivion, but Calix never wanted kids up until this point. Because of how she was treated on her home planet of Titania, she didn't want to put her kids through that. But, now that she is pregnant with Peter's child, it gives her something to hold onto. She's in a lot of pain because of Quill being gone, but the child is her little part of him that she's grasping onto. So, please don't say this is stupid, it actually has significant meaning to Calix and Peter's relationship.

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! xx

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! xx

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