Author's Note

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Hello everyone,

I've decided to throw this little collection together as a place to toss all the odds and ends from my fantasy trilogy The Myriad Chronicles. Turns out, I have a lot of stray scenes and bits of lore and backstory that simply cannot be shoehorned into the main narrative. So, here were are. 

Since these odds and ends are all part of the TMC universe, there may be spoilers ahead. Fair warning, you might wanna complete the trilogy before perusing these stories. 

I will add to this as time and inspiration allow. If something you wish to see isn't here, don't fret. This is just the beginning. I have many, many stories in my drafts. They will be posted as I finish them. Some are tragic, some are funny, and so on. Many take place in the past, a few in the future.

So, welcome Readers, old and new. I hope you enjoy these little snippets from The Myriad.



As this book grows, some of these stories will be dedicated to certain wattpad friends of mine. If  at some point and have a chapter in this book 'dedicated' to your username, that story is for you.  

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