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You heard the front door open, and quickly sat up. You had been laying in bed, waiting for your husband, Michael, to return from the studio.

You got up from the bed and walked out of the room, being sure to shut the door behind you. You descended the staircase, and met Michael as he walked into the living room.

"Late again," you laughed a little. Michael said nothing, taking off his hat and tossing it onto the sofa. Silence introduced itself to the both of you, making your heart sink a little. For the past four months, Michael seemed to be unhappy - and the worst part was that you didn't know why. "Michael?"

"Just..." Michael trailed off, holding his hand up. "I don't wanna talk," he sighed. "Please,"

You frowned. "Are you....okay?"

"Yeah," he muttered. "Work is just stressful,"

"Do you want a cup of tea?" you offered, hoping that your husband would open up to you.


"Anything to eat? I could-"

"What the hell don't you understand by I don't wanna talk about it?!" he suddenly snapped, his eyes growing dark. At that moment, you lost your cool as well.

"Well maybe if you'd be a little more cooperative with me, I wouldn't be bothering you!"

"I can't do this anymore," Michael scoffed, shaking his head. "We're not getting anywhere,"

"Michael, just tell me what the hell is going on. We can talk about this!" you groaned slightly.

"There's nothing for us to talk about," he brought his fingers to pinch the bridge of his nose. "Really,"

You blinked, staring at your husband. You didn't know what was going on with him. He'd suddenly just grown distant.

Without another word, Michael walked past you - and out of the mansion, leaving you on your own.

Tears began to stream down your face when you heard the main door shut. Your marriage had started out so good. For four years, everything had been perfect - but now, your entire world was crumbling around you, and you were powerless to stop it.

You collapsed onto the sofa and sighed, closing your eyes - drifting off into an uneasy slumber.


By the time you had woken up, it was morning. You widened your eyes when you initially woke up, but after remembering the events from the night before - you shook your head. You remembered the fight with Michael, and you remembered how he left.

You got up from the sofa and stretched. Your back was sore, and you felt as if all your muscles were stiff.

"Michael?" you called out. You wanted to talk to him, to apologize to him. You loved him, and you wanted to make your marriage work. The night's sleep had done your judgement some good. "Michael?" you called out again - only to hear pure silence.

You walked over to the staircase and climbed up, perhaps he would have been in the bedroom. You opened the door, and instantly saw that the sheets hadn't been slept in for the night.

You began to panic as you rushed to the closet, opening it to find that all of Michael's clothes were gone. Tears began to fill your eyes as you ran into the bathroom, finding it empty as well. The only things left were the items that belonged to you.

You rushed out of the bedroom, and down the staircase. Once you dashed into the kitchen, you saw a paper on the granite counter. Picking it up, your heart broke upon reading the words.

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