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Author Note:  THANK YOU!  

Valentine's cover couple thanks to rinmarugames.com and their non commercial license.

I began writing/attempting to write this story volume start of August this year (2018).  I've managed to see a read goal I was praying for before Christmas.  Over 3K reads is a nice early Christmas present for 2018.  Thank you very much!

Also the inclusion of the story in @YA (Wattpad community run) reading list.   I'm feeling loved and special to be sitting among some amazing works.  

Please check out their list if you have the time (see image comment for link).  It's an honour to be listed there as the stories are gold.  

Successful entry in the Youngblood Awards

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Successful entry in the Youngblood Awards.

Zaldizko is volume one of a series that has a lot of history.

The Seriphyn Knight Chronicles has lingered in Google's dusty back server cache files for an extremely long time.  It has been on/off Wordpress, Blogger, shared around various web fiction directories, other bloggers sites (some who no longer run their stories anymore) and internet directories.  

This series has seen and touched upon the birth and evolution of Web Fiction. I started posting when Amazon was breaking out into the online retail business.  It has also experienced a lot of underworld spamming with various spambot attacks, redhat backdoor hacks and dodgy directory referral systems.

I lost hope.  The way for this story became obscure.

Finally, after many years of procrastination, self-doubt and writer's loneliness, the story sparks again. 

I've overcome these issues to bring out something close to an end result.  I'm determined to finish what I started in paperback format of some kind.

The future of this story is uncertain, but it has survived the internet traps for a long time.  I have faith it'll be around for a bit longer.


For a reader's review of the story, check out Wildflower Reviews https://tinyurl.com/zaldizkoreview

I've since changed the cover, blurb and added in a post to draw out a bit more of the brothers' characters.

Cheers for being awesome.

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This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


Volume one

Seriphyn Knight Chronicles

First edition. Date TBA

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Written by Veronica Purcell.

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