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1o.| RUINS.

CHARLOTTE ROGERS WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR INTERVIEWING ANYONE ON SITE OF THE DESTROYED BUILDING. As for the others, they were all spread off in order to figure out what it was that had gone down with the ruins they stood upon. Taryn and James assisted with the interviewing process, while Grayson and Nathaniel attempted to find any remains of important assets to the organization that once operated there. Fawn and Wanda glanced at each other before nodding to one another, allowing their powers to fall off of their fingertips and scouring the area. The mix of blue and red energies crossed each other as they snaked over the remains, but it was difficult for the two of them to figure out what the hell had happened.

Grayson furrowed her brows as she looked around the ruins before her eyes landed on something strange. The woman approached part of the rubble, before sliding it away to reveal a hatch. Pressing her lips together, Grayson whistled for Nathaniel to join her, before they pulled open the hatch. That was what granted them their entry into what seemed to be the lower levels of the facility.

Nathaniel was the first person to drop down into the skeleton of the building, and Grayson dropped down after him. It was pitch black in the ruins, and just as Nathaniel was about to make a comment, Grayson used her powers to spark some electricity back into the building. As long as she held the ball of energy in her hands, the building would stay lit, and that was all they needed.

As the two of them began to make their way down the corridor, two more figures dropped down into the building. The two turned around to see Wanda and Fawn, who both still had their chaos magic creeping through the building. Wanda furrowed her brows as she approached one of the walls, resting the palm of her hand against it.

"This place doesn't feel right . . . " Wanda spoke and Fawn nodded her head in agreement.

"This place feels as if it would be a prison and not somewhere to operate a functioning organization," Fawn added and the two women nodded their heads to each other.

"Well, whatever the hell was going on down here backfired on them," Nathaniel spoke as he kicked open a door, glancing inside to find an empty bedroom. He furrowed his brows together as he stepped inside briefly before rejoining the group. "It's a bedroom-- scratch that, a cell."

"Do you think they were operating human experimentation?" Grayson questioned and Fawn shrugged her shoulders as she and Wanda joined them.

"I mean, obviously if they have an entire corridor of cells. This place is worse than HYDRA--" Fawn cut herself off as she glanced inside the rooms before shaking her head. "never mind, Pietro and Wanda have explained what their living conditions were like, this is a Four Seasons compared to HYDRA."

"No kidding," Wanda sighed at the memory of her time in HYDRA. "But what kind of energy source were they using to experiment? It is not like they had a mind stone or Tesseract to experiment on their subjects with."

"Maybe they created their own serum," Grayson shrugged. "I mean, if a German scientist can do it with Steve and an American scientist can do it to herself, hell, anyone can these days."

"Guys," Nathaniel spoke as he approached them with a file in his hands. The three women narrowed their eyes at the folder in his hands, before he held it open for them. "This was in a plastic basket by one of the cell doors. It seems to be the only remaining living subject."

"What?" The three women asked in unison and Nathaniel nodded his head.

"It's for something called Project H.E.S.T.I.A., naming the girl the same thing: Hestia," Nathaniel answered them and Fawn let out a low growl. The Clairvoyant narrowed his eyes at the shapeshifter in front of him, before he glanced down the hallway. When he saw that there was nothing, he turned back to the women in front of him. "We should get going, if we can get this back to base, we can find out more."

"Good idea," Grayson replied, before pressing her finger against the communications device in her ear. "Charlie, we have something, let's head back."

There was a muffled response from Charlotte, and the four of them made their way out of the ruins of the building. Charlotte, James, and Taryn met the four of them at the quinjet and they all climbed in. Charlotte approached the pilot's seat and closed the hatch to the aircraft, before turning around in her seat to face the group.

"Alright, what do we have?" She asked them. Nathaniel answered by throwing down the file, and Charlotte furrowed her brows as she reached for it, taking it into her hands. Her eyes ran over the file, before a small smile appeared on her lips. She handed the file back to Nathaniel, before turning back around. "Good job, ladies and gents. Let's get back to HQ before anything happens to us for being here. Because I don't know about you guys, but I prefer to live a few more years."


author's note !


・゚゚・。 Thank you for being so patient with me and updates, I decided to take a brief writing hiatus in order to get back into the feel of things with college, and now that I feel I am, I'm back! With this chapter, we followed a few of my Marvel Ballad of the Damned Ocs and they have found Hestia's file! They're going to bring it back to HQ and most likely analyze it and attempt to trace Hestia's location. Next chapter will follow the Avengers and my OCs once more, and then we will get back to Hestia's point of view! Because it's been a while since we've seen what she's up to!

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! xx

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! xx

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