I miss you

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I miss you.
I miss your embrace and that silly smirk you have when you say I'm being cute. I miss when you told me that you'd never love another. I miss those promises you made saying that you will never leave me, you will always stay my side. But where are you now? You've grown distant and you never try to reach out, you've been making empty promises at every twist and turn I'm trying to get you out my head but the voice in my heart says you'll come back but your two busy sucking another girls face to notice my constant texts of undying love. I gave you chance after chance and you'd blow it but you were too good to be true and I so desperately wanted it to be true!
But where are you now? You said you would call you said you would make the effort to show you still care but another girl has your heart I know it. I just know it. The suicidal thoughts that had been laid to rest when you entered my life have risen up again to haunt the living happiness out of me to then be laid to rest again but with a trophy. A trophy they so desperately desire that is my breaking, aching heart that finally gives in to their whispers and ties the rope around my neck. I stand upon that chair with tears down my face thinking why, why would someone so perfect for me enter my life to just make me fly above the clouds to then suddenly leap out from under me to let me take the fall while they hold up another. They say there are plenty of fish in the sea but none look like they will give me the lifting and care that you did before a beautiful person took my place on your throne of lies. Even though you broke me till my last breath standing upon that chair. I made sure the last words out of my mouth were truth. "You never cared" she says before taking that final leap and flying before clawing at her neck and eventually dropping. Her eyes as dead as your faith. Her skin as cold as your heart. And now her soul as empty as your promises.
I miss you.

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