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Enid looked at Rad with determination. "Ready, Rad?"


"Five, six, seven, eight!"  Enid starts a danceing video on her phone.

Enid and Rad tried to mimic the dance move. Enid...accidentally steps on his foot. (klutz XD)

Rad yelled "Blorp!"

"Ah! Sorry! Sorry!" Enid apoligised

"I keep making my steps too big."

"Well, let’s just start it over from that part. Let's take it from the top Rad!"

 K.O. was hiding behind a plant while recording them.

[Titlecard appears]

Enid and Rad finish the dance.

Enid sighed, "Wow, we stink."

"Really bad." Rad agreed.

"Just terrible."

"Yeah, woof."

"Well," Enid puts a towel over her shoulder, "it’s a good thing nobody except us will ever bear witness to what we just did."

Cut to Rad and Enid in the Bodega, walking.

(Rad)"So are we gonna practice again tomorrow?

(Red Action): " You better. Your choreography needs serious work. The big finish is showing promise, though."

Red Action exits the Bodega. Enid and Rad deflates and shudders.

(Enid) "R-Red Action saw us dancing?"

(K.O.) "Yeah! She loved it! See?"

K.O. showed Rad and Enid the video and scrolled through the comments. Just at that moment, you walked in the Bodega for work, and saw the video.

"Woah. When did this happen?" You said as you snatched K.O.'s phone.

Rad and Enid were just dying inside. Their crush just saw that dancing video.

Enid glared at K.O. I can't believe you put it online!"  She grabed K.O.'s shirt "K.O., why? Why?!"

Rad snaps out of his embarassment for a moment and says, "Seriously, why would you tape that?  That video is a total violation of privacy and really not representative of our dancing abilities."

You giggled a bit at their embarassment.

K.O. looked down with shame. :Oh, I-I thought it was cool. I like watching videos of you guys."

You turned to K.O. with a small smile. "That’s nice, K.O., but you really shouldn’t have posted it. Like, I embarrass Enid and Rad all the time, but I’ve never seen them like this." You and K.O. turn to Rad who is sulking in a corner and Enid is mentally freaking out quietly mumbling "why me why me why me!?"

K.O. was worried now. "Don’t worry! I’ll delete it right now! I-I’ll delete all of them!"

"There’s more than one?!" Rad and Enid said that with worry, while you had a happy look on your face because the videos were amazing.

"You have to delete those videos, K.O.!" Enid and Rad yelled together.

"I’m sorry!" K.O. ran for home.

(Enid) "You better be!" she sighed.  "Well, I might as well check the damage while these videos are still up."

They clicked one that shows one video of Rad and Enid by the kiddie pool.

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