♡Being Competitive♡

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This is just something I wrote because personally, I'm really competitive - and it gets very difficult to function normally without comparing myself to others.




ou sat at your work desk, scribbling away in your notebook. Your wedding ring glistened along with your hand movements, making you smile a little when you noticed it.

As you wrote, you heard someone knock at you office door. Since you worked for a bank, visitors to your office was a pretty common sight. However, when the door opened - it was your boss, Daniel.

"(Y/N)," he smiled at you.

"Daniel," you acknowledged him before he cleared his throat. "How may I help you?" you set your pen down. Daniel smiled a little before taking a seat across from you. He studied your features before clasping his hands together - resting them on your desk.

"I wanted to talk to you about that promotion," he sighed. "The position of an international managing officer,"

Your heart began to race. You had been eyeing that job for months - and several weeks ago, you had sent in your application. There were many other candidates - but you tried nevertheless.

"Yes?" you frowned a little.

"Well....the position was given to Tina, earlier this morning," he grimaced a little. "I'm sorry,"

"Tina?" you scoffed a little. Tina was one of the most irresponsible people you had ever known. She was young, and she didn't appreciate her job. Nobody liked her. "Why her?"

"The board decided to give her a chance," Daniel sighed. "Henry said that she has potential,"

"Great," you muttered. You had to admit, you were hurt - especially since you were extremely competitive. If someone did better than you, you had a hard time dealing with the situation. It was just who you were.

"I'm sorry," Daniel apologized again before standing up and making his way toward the door. "Have a good evening," he smiled before walking out.

Your eyes began to tear up as you leaned back in your soft, leather chair. As you got older, you became more ambitious - you wanted to be the best.

You wanted to strive for excellence, but sometimes - it got the better of you.

And so with a sigh, you cleared your desk before grabbing your bag and standing up. Right now, all you wanted to do was go home.


You walked through the Neverland mansion doors, instantly being greeted by your husband - Michael. He smiled as you walked in.

"Hey, beautiful," he made his way up to you, kissing your cheek. You smiled a little, but not a full smile. Michael noticed this, making him frown. "Baby, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," you sighed. You were still thinking about the position that Tina had gotten, and it made you upset.

"We've been married for three years, I can tell when you're lying," he raised an eyebrow.

Moments passed before you groaned, tossing your handbag onto the sofa.

"Remember that job opening that I told you about last week?"

"The one that you applied for...yeah?"

"Tina got the job," you rolled your eyes. "And she doesn't even deserve it! Why her?"

"Princess," Michael kept a stern expression. "You need to stop letting your nature get in the way of your happiness. Sure, Tina got the job - but you're good at what you do, and that's all that matters. Sometimes, you'll find that there are people better than you - but that doesn't mean that you're not good,"

You let out a breath. He had a good point. Several seconds passed before you inhaled deeply.

"You're right," you nodded. "I need to accept that I can't always be the best," you shook your head. "Thank you," you broke into a small grin. "I love you,"

"I love you more," he winked.

"I love you most!"

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