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Jeno walked out of the bathroom to be met with Jaemin sitting on the bed.

"Get out"

Jeno didn't even bother to explain himself as he went to the bathroom and grabbed the box full of pictures.

He pulled out all of the left over photos of him and Jaemin and put them into his pocket.

He opened the balcony door and closed it behind him. As he saw his shadow disappear Jaemin went over to his closet taking his shirt off. Opening the door he was met with a mirror.

He stared at his broken reflection. He glared at the purple and green love bites that were imprinted onto his skin. He softly rubbed his neck and grabbed the clothes. He started unchanging as he put on more comfortable clothing, that one scene of Renjun and Jeno replaying over and over again.


He went to his bed and fell into his slumber.

Following Mark

Mark woke up in his bed with Chenle sitting on his couch near the window. Was he...crying?

Mark sat up ignoring his headache and grabbed his phone. It was three pm. He got up making his way towards his Lele.

"Chenle? What's wrong?" The emotional boy pointed towards and window and Mark saw it.

Police were at Donghyuck's house and they were talking to his parents. His mother was breaking down while Jeno and his step father were no where to be seen.

Mark covered his mouth with his hand trying to muffle his sobs. Chenle wiped his tears, "I'm going home now that you woke up. Bye Mark" and with that he opened the door and closed it behind him as he left.

He got up and went to his bathroom. He stripped his clothes off and hopped into the turning the water on. He couldn't believe it, he just couldn't.

Just yesterday he was right here in this same shower with Donghyuck and now the police are now looking for him.

When Mark was finished he went up to sink looking into the mirror. As he saw himself he started feeling loneliness and... vomit?

Mark ran to the toilet seat and threw up. When he was done he cleaned his mouth at the sink and flushed the toilet. He looked at himself again and stared at his hickeys.

He smiled sadly remembering that night. Mark brought his hand up to his neck, not daring to touch them as if they would run away. He slowly traced them out and sighed.

The brunette made his way to his closet and quickly dressed. He put on a black t-shirt with black ripped jeans as well as his vans. Mark messed with his hair a little bit until he was satisfied in how it turned out. He ran downstairs only to be met with his parents.

"Oh hey mom, dad" Mark greeted his parents impatiently waiting to go out to go the police station.

"Mark!" The two of them exclaimed. They brought the younger into a tight hug as they repeatedly said how much they missed him.

"Let's eat! It's been a while since we've been toge-"

"Mom I'm really in a hurry! I-I'm going to be late for my job" Mark hated lying to his parents but it WAS the only way. Plus he was planning to get a job soon.

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