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It was a misty morning. One with a sort of chillness which wasn't so immense, considering Lagos was a hot city. This was an absolutely beautiful and a rare feeling, especially with the morning dews.

Angela missed this feeling. She never truly thought of it but it had been a while she connected with nature. Well, this wasn't a major problem for an average Nigerian girl.

She immediately shut the door of the cab, she had just stepped out of. Smiles etched over  her flawless dazzling face with the most appealing features.

Her early morning looks were certainly fetching. Happiness seemed sewn to her cheeks, as she basked in delight.

She'd shut her eyes, staring up in the sky, dramatically inhaling the cool air, and luxuriating in the calmness of the atmosphere. She beamed, opening her eyes, batting away the moist, the dews left on her lashes, then she caught sight of him.

He was staring from his balcony, across the street where she was standing. She held on to her black purse, heart swollen with love, gaze still fixed on him.

She knew, he would be out there staring, he did this, most morning. This was his morning routine; stand by the balcony, drink on one hand, cigar on the other.

He was also on a phone call, his shoulder arched high, pressing his phone to his ear.
Bet, he would rather dropped his phone than let go off his drink or cigar.

In what universe did anyone wake up to so much drinking and smoking?
Unless, it was the celebrity universe.

In a million years, she would never have imagined being Tex-Jackson's girlfriend or fiancée might be more appropriate word, giving she'd been wearing his ring for over 3years now.

Whether, it was a promise ring or engagement ring, it still served this same purpose – a little cuff which bided her to him.

It was one thing to be in love with him and another feeling entirely, knowing he was far deeper in love with her. This was insane for the young lady, who didn't consider herself, the most charming.

The face and the curves shouldn't be enough for a rap god, who'd got international recognition.

He smiled with a wink. And she felt butterflies ...

She quickly looked away, realizing the driver had been calling to her, he'd wound down his car window.

"It's a card trip... My friend's account." Angela added defensively, although she only assumed that was his question.

"No." The driver smiled sweetly at her. He actually was one of those uber drivers with very appealing looks. "I wasn't sure it was you till I saw him."

"Have we meet?" She smiled back at him, even if she felt really uncomfortable, bearing in mind Texas was watching.

"Isn't that Tex-Jackson?" He literally replied her question with a serious question, which seemed sarcastic.

"Yeah." She almost forgot that part of her life, where people recognized her as celebrity. A title she believed she was far from.

She nervously licked her lips, finding his stares quite uncomfortable. His eyes were beautiful.

"Angel?" He pulled his phone out. "You're fire, angel!" His excitement was overwhelming, as he reached for his phone.

Another shot! Angela didn't want to think of this or how Texas would be processing this from where he was. He wouldn't understand. He was used to this life style.

"My niece is a great fan of yours...... you have no idea how obsessed, she is." He showed Angela a photo of a little girl - no older than twelve - on his phone.

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