Angelic Visitor (McDuke) Part 2

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Hey, I hope you enjoy part two! I had fun writing this story! Also, I'd like to thank you for almost 250 reads, that's honestly insane! Now, I'll start taking requests! So, thank you for taking the time to read these stories! :)

Warning: Contains some fluff and little angst!

Veronica POV

"Okay, Duke, what do you want with our Heather?" I spat angrily

"Simple, I'm here to free her from the pain that has consumed her, is that so wrong?" Duke monotoned with hardly an expression on her face

"By taking her away from this earth for your selfish intentions?" I retorted

"I'm not selfish; the wrongs shall be righted, this world has shown no mercy to such poor, innocent youth; such as Heather, my point is the evil that has been cast down upon her shall perish!" she stated formally.

"What are you?" Martha questioned, "You seem to be something far beyond humanity, and I'm very intrigued."

"Yes, I thought you might ask that simple, but complex question. You see, I'm a guardian angel, the one who is assigned to protect a certain person, whether they be good or evil."

"Why do you proclaim that Mac is your 'future wife' if you are her protector?"

"I can be her protector along with being her wife," she paused to think, "Why don't you trust me with that beautiful, young woman?" her eyes started to glow a bright ocean blue with a partially faded silhouette of feathered wings cast on the wall.

At this point, Martha and I were shaking in our shoes because of what we saw, "W-what are t-those things? Are they r-real?" Martha quivered

No response made way, only an intense stare from her bright blue eyes. She's grown impatient and spiteful with our 'pathetic questions', now we were on the receiving end of an angel's wrath. A glow emanated all around her body, she channeled that energy and raised her left hand with this mystical power forming into a ball of holy concoctions. She was going to kill us! However, Mac screamed with choking sobs and ran out of the dining room. Duke immediately took notice of Mac's disappearance and stopped her attack.

Mac's POV

Whoever this woman might be; I don't buy this 'guardian angel' act, that is until I saw a large, menacing pair of dark wings appear on the white-coated walls. I ran as fast as I could out of the cafeteria, going anywhere my legs would take me; even if I didn't know the place accurately. I just wanted to get away from her; she scared the living daylights out of me! I couldn't exactly think straight as I ran down the long hallways; meaning I didn't see what was in front of me. Let's say that I kept falling over nothing.

I was soon out of breath, and I had to rest somewhere, I found the nearest door which was labeled 'Cleaning Supply Room.' I quickly opened the door and shut it behind me while locking it. I slowly dropped to the floor quietly crying with my handing covering my face. What was even happening anymore? I mean, an 'angel' lured me to a crappy lunchroom just to tell me that I'm her future wife. That doesn't make any sense whatsoever, angels are meant to help those that are worthy, I'm nowhere near being worthy of an angel's assistance, nor being one's lover in that matter.

I heard a gentle knock on the door, "Heather, please, I need to talk to you!"

"Go away!" I screamed while trying to strengthen my voice.

"No, I won't go away, you need me!" Duke spoke with sincerity, "Also, I need you, I can explain everything, just give me a chance!"

Was I willing to give her a chance, was it worth it? She probably killed Martha and Veronica when energy swirled around her body. I couldn't feel anything but sorrow and weakness, that's when I couldn't take it anymore. I broke down with hot tears streaming down my skin and completely losing control of myself.

Duke POV

I tried to persuade her out of that closet, but the response was something I had not expected; crying. I honestly felt for her, all the pain and torture my beloved went through, she didn't deserve any of this. She's broken, and I want to repair her badly, Heather deserves all the love and care that I can easily give her. I want to hold her in my arms, like a man and his wife embracing one another. The clouds enveloped my sunshine; now I must make her shine brightly again.

I unlocked the door with ease, due to my incredible strength, and I put the entrance to the side. My angel was laying down on the floor until she saw me break down the only way out. Honestly, I expected her to run from me. Instead, she jogged slowly into my open arms, embracing me, this felt good. Heather panned her head down into my chest, weeping as I held my beloved in my arms. With my wings, I flew to her house and carried her bridal style towards her bedroom and rested her on the bed.

I was about to leave and let her be, she called out to me hoarsely, "Please, don't leave!"

I'm surprised at the sudden statement, I obliged and tucked myself into the bed with her.

"Can we please talk? I barely even know who you proclaim to be, you haven't told me your name," she whispered with a slight giggle

"My name is Heather, just like you, call me Duke,"

"How do you know who I am, and why are you here?"

"I've watched over you for a while now; I'm a guardian angel, my assignment is to protect you from the true horrors of the world. As to why I'm here right now, I've fallen in love with you; after seeing what these wretched people have done to you, I decided that it was time to save you,"

"T-thank you," she stuttered, "I'm sorry for running away from you, I just got scared of you killing my friends is all."

"I didn't kill your friends, I told them everything they needed to know about me, there's no need to be afraid of me. I would never hurt you nor any of your closest friends."


"Good, if any harm came to you, I'll be there to protect you."

"You're so cute when you get overprotective of me!" she blurted out

Heather, my beloved, inched even closer to me than ever before, and did something that humans called 'cuddling,' it was a moderate way of showing one's affection for their significant other. She was warm to the touch and had a wide smile plastered across her face as she nuzzled into me. I kept stroking her soft curly, blonde hair as she started to fall asleep on top of me.

"Hey Duke?" she asked sleepily

"Yes, my beloved?" I replied

"I love you!"

"I love you too!" I smiled back to her

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