Chapter 12

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Magnus made me stand in front of him and next to me was Alec and my opposite side it was Jace. I held both of their hands and they held Magnus's hand.

"No matter what happens. Do not break the bond. You will bring us all in danger and especially Biscuit." Magnus said.

I realised by now that he nicknamed me a biscuit. I was not really sure why but that's due to not being able to remember anything. Not even him.

"Okay." I heard Jace say and I looked at him and I saw how worried he was. I felt slightly guilty for putting him in this position but I needed answers and I needed to prove to our mother that I was strong enough. I always was.

"Demon Jeleza. I command you to show yourself." I heard Magnus say and for a second nothing happened but then a shadow came out of the thin air, which made me flinch. Both Alec and Jace looked over at me and I smiled shyly, slightly embarrassed.

The demon tried to break free but our connection remained the demon to be trapped. I wasn't sure what Magnus was. I think he was a sorceress.

"I have questions." I asked and I saw the demon changing form to a normal human being.

She had beautiful dark brown hair with beautiful blue eyes. Her smile was pure of evil, which made me shiver for a second but I recovered myself right away.

"What is it?" She asked while she looked over at Alec. She smiled at him and scanned him from head to toe, which made annoyed and I wasn't even sure why.

"Why am I keeping on getting this nightmare?" I asked her and she laughed.

"Did you not get it yet?" She asked, which made me more confused. Everyone looked over at her, waiting for her to answer my question.

"It are all warnings, darling. Soon you will have nightmares about your loved once. It is all to make you hallucinate and crazy so you will give yourself over." She said and gave me a smile. I scoffed and looked over at Jace, who was furious and at the same time worried.

"How do we stop them?" Asked Jace and she shrugged.

"I am not the demon you are fighting with. This is someone from your bloodline." She said and looked over at Alec, again.

"He controls us all and you are getting this information because he wants you to know. He will always be one step ahead of you and one day he will kill Clary and rise up the shadow world." She said and walked in circles.

"Who is it?" Asked Alec and for one second it almost seemed like he knew who it was. But that was impossible, right?

"Your uncle. Agramon Lightblood." She said and I gasped in shock. Alec's uncle was after me?

"That's impossible. I killed him." Alec said and she laughed and shook his head.

"That's what he made you think, pretty boy." Jeleza said and I couldn't help to be slightly jealous of her flirting with Alec in front of me.

Stop, Clary. Focus.

"It makes sense. The demon attacks, the mundane blood dealing and the down worlders." Jace said and I was breathing faster. I was panicking. Alec his uncle was after me and he ruled the demons but how?

"Liz..." Said Alec and I looked at him. Who was Liz? Why was he even talking about another girl?

"We need to end this." Jace said after he heard what Alec said. Who was this Liz?

"Agramon will be the end of you." Jeleza said and looked at me. I looked at her and I could tell that there was no fear on her face, which made me more afraid. She was so sure of it.

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