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Brooke invites Cade over that night after a long evening of awkward silence. She isn't usually this type of girl, but this is different. She is still terrified to let Cade out of her sight. She knows she can't tell anyone. Knows one wrong would could send this whole thing in a downward spiral and it would be her fault.

"I can't sleep over." He says hastily.

"I'm not going to leave you alone."

His face turns a deep shade of red. As much as she argues she can't convince him. So she leaves making him promise to call if he needs anything, deciding there isn't much else she can do. It's late.

So she makes her way back to her own house, this time through the shared door in the garage, which she leaves unlocked.

She cleans up the disaster in her kitchen, having totally forgotten about the milk she had initially gone over there for.

She puts on a pair of shorts and a tank top and crawls into bed, putting her phone ringer on high. She surprisingly falls asleep immidetly. She isn't sure how long it is before she is awoken by a gentle hand in the crook of her side.

She jumps away from it, but the room is dimly lit enough to recogize the body behind the hand.

"Cade?" She says. She can see his face is shiny. She flicks the lamp on her night stand.

"Are you okay?"

Cade shakes his head, all too familar.

She scoots over to the other side of the queen size bed. Cade sits down first, then she pulls his head onto the lone pillow. His body is tense again and he is shivering. She pulls the blanket on top of him too.

It feels way too right. They barely know eachother and they're laying in bed together. Okay, it's not like Brooke has been around, but, sure she has had her fair share of one night stands and Tinder hookups. So she can hardly feel sorry for herself.

Cade on the other hand looks terrified, to say the very least. Brooke hadn't thought about it, but from what she has gathered about Cade, she wouldn't really be surpised if he was a virgin. Laying in a bed with anyone could be completely foreign to him, let alone a girl his age.

It isn't sexual though. That's actually the furthest thing from both of thier minds.

He almost appears to wait for instruction.

"Is everything okay?" She asks, once they're both situated. She is on her side, while Cade lay on his back.

His eyes are wide open and staring blankly ahead.

"The thoughts came back and I---I started to panic."

"I didn't touch the gun though." He adds.

Brooke had honestly forgotten about the gun. It probably wouldn't have done any good to take it. An army veteran probably has more than one anyway, and if he didn't she is sure there are other means.

"Cade?" She asks.

Cade looks toward her.

"The gun shot," she asks.

"Did you miss or?"

Cade looks confused then his face falls.

"I flinched at the last second and it barely missed my head."

Brooke knows how guns work, knows there is no moving at the last second, but she gets what he means.

"You didn't really want to do it, did you?"

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