chapter 11 the winds of change

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It was Monday morning and you were asleep on raven's lap and she petting your head. You started to wake up and you saw raven and she smiled at You.

Y/n: hi raven

Raven: hi y/n

You hugged raven and walked out of the living room. You walked through the hall and the first room you see is robin's room. You walked into robin to see him working on his desk you walked over to him and tugged on his cape.

Robin: oh hey y/n, how are you feeling?

Y/n: like I'm on fire

Robin: *laugh* I bet you did after what you did to mad mod

Y/n: I actually rember that

You walked out of robin's room and into raven beastboy. You see beastboy reading a comic.

Beastboy: hey little dude

Y/n: hey beastboy

You walked over to beastboy and hugged him.

Beastboy: you were awesome kicking mad mod butt

Y/n: yeah... i was

Beastboy: wait, you actually remember that?

Y/n: yeah

Beastboy: awesome

You hugged him again and walked out his room. You see starfire room and walked inside. You see starfire sitting on her bed.

Starfire: hello friend y/n

Y/n: hi starfire

You walked over to starfire and hugged her tightly.

Starfire: I'm glade that you're alright

Y/n: you too

You let go of starfire and walked out her. You see cyborg walking in the hallway you ran him to him and hugged.

Cyborg: hey dog

Y/n: hey cyborg

Cyborg: so how are you feeling?

Y/n: alright

You let go of cyborg and watched him walk away. You walked back into the living and you felt like you're about to sneez. You sneezed sending you backwards into a wall. The other titans came running into the hallway to see you against the wall.

Robin: you okay y/n?

Y/n: yeah I think so

You sighed which send beastboy flying into the living. You all ran into the living to see beastboy on the floor.

Beastboy: duude what was that?

You looked at your hands and then thrust into the air which made caused a gust of wind making everyone fall down. They gave you an angry and you just smiled nervously.

Robin: well looks like you have another power

You looked at your hands and though to yourself.

Y/n: 'what am I?'

Robin: yn we have something to tell

Y/n: well we decide to put you in school

You had blank face you didn't say anything. The titans had a worry look on their faces as they moved closer to you until....


You screamed which send the titans flying all over the place.

Everyone: Y/N!!!

Y/n: heh heh....sorry

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